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Blueprint for an Ageing Australia Recommends Increased Philanthropy Among the Elderly

Co-founder of alternative to aged care facilities on the Gold Coast reveals how philanthropy can enhance the lifestyle of senior citizens.

Australia, 23 February 2015 - In the second of a series of blog posts discussing the Blueprint for an Ageing Australia, Phil Usher took a closer look at the recommendations for increased philanthropy among the ageing generation. Mr Usher is the co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, which provide an alternative to traditional aged care on the Gold Coast.

According to Mr Usher: “We like the idea of encouraging seniors to contribute to charity, whether it’s time or money. Those who still have the energy to give of themselves get a great boost because it feels so good to do something for someone else. We pride ourselves on preserving and nurturing the independence and dignity of our residents. There is nothing like giving to the less fortunate to make someone feel better about themselves.”

Australia Lags Behind Some Countries

According to Blueprint for an Ageing Australia, Australians tend to give less to charity than a lot of developed countries. Those who give to Deductible Gift Recipient organisations contribute an average of 0.35% of their taxable income. Blueprint for an Ageing Australia cites less tax money going towards education, the arts and medical research as an indication that more money from charities will be necessary for all of these fields.

Seniors Tend to Give More than Other Demographics

According to research compiled by Blueprint for an Ageing Australia, the 55-74 age group donated nearly 20% more than any other age group to charity between December 2010 and February 2014. In addition, Australians aged 65 and older gave 10.8% more for the twelve months ending February 2014 than they did during the twelve months ending February 2013.

Barriers to Donating Time

Senior citizens have more time on their hands than those actively in the workforce. Consequently, they are among the most generous when it comes to donating their time for good causes. However, a number of barriers are presenting themselves that often prevent the elderly from donating time. These can come in the form of raised insurance premiums, health and safety laws or workplace regulations. Sometimes, unions will complain because they feel volunteers are “stealing jobs” that should go to paid employees.

What the Blueprint for an Ageing Australia Proposes

Blueprint for an Ageing Australia proposes that seniors be encouraged to give of their time and money to charitable causes. The creators of the plan feel that the current ageing generation is among the most generous in Australia and that many would give more if encouraged and empowered.

The Tall Trees Care Communities Solution

Mr Usher feels that Tall Trees Care Communities enable and encourage their residents to give freely to charities and those less fortunate. According to Mr Usher:

“When we started Tall Trees Care Communities, we wanted our mums and dads to have the kind of place they wanted to live in. We asked them what they wanted and they wanted to keep their independence and dignity. We have found that giving to those less fortunate is a great way to reaffirm independence, dignity and self-worth.”

Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to aged care facilities on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. For further information about their communities and services, visit their website: http://www.talltrees.net.au/ or call (07) 3442 9378.