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Custom Stubby Holders Gaining Popularity in Colder Months

For many businesses, custom stubby holders are seen as summer promotional giveaway products. In the Perth area, however, they are gaining popularity in the colder months, too.

Perth, WA, 11 March 2015 - For years, stubby holders were primarily used by bars and pubs to keep beer cold. Eventually, other businesses began to see the value of giving stubby holders to customers, clients and prospects.

The reasoning behind distributing stubby holders to customers and prospects is sound. The person who receives the stubby holder uses it every time they drink their favourite cold beverage. Every time they look at the bottle or can, they see the name of the company that gave it to them. Not only do they see the company name, but they also feel gratitude that it was given to them.

This combination creates a number of high-quality advertising impressions whenever the stubby holder is used. If they are used every day, they produce a lot of advertising impressions at a very low price.

When stubby holders are given out, the person receiving them usually appreciates them because they aren’t a high-profit or high-volume item in retail stores. Since they are not always readily available, stubby holders are a welcome gift for most people. This almost guarantees that they will be used as opposed to being thrown in a drawer and forgotten.

In addition, stubby holders are quite durable. They last a long time. They don’t often get broken, torn or even stained. They just keep providing reliable advertising impressions, day after day, month after month.

Custom stubby holders are also easy to personalise. They can be personalised by traditional screen printing or by a new technology called sublimation. Sublimation uses a computer printer, a transfer medium and heat to transfer sublimation dyes directly into the stubby holder. This allows for ultimate design flexibility. If it can be created and photographed, it can go on a stubby holder.

Custom stubby holders are part of a select group of promotional products in the Perth area. They provide so many high quality advertising impressions at such a low price that they represent a better advertising bargain than any other medium. Media such as radio, TV and Internet advertising can’t begin to approach the unique combination of targeted leads, advertising impressions and low price offered by custom stubby holders.

Scott Eaton is the owner of ImagePak Marketing, who provide custom stubby holders and other promotional items in the Perth area. According to Mr Eaton:

“Custom stubby holders have been a Perth favourite for as long as I can remember. Summer, winter, spring or fall: stubby holders are always in demand. Promotional giveaway items are a popular advertising and marketing strategy and stubby holders are a great place to start. They are inexpensive but they get used a lot. They are more effective than some items that are more expensive.”

Mr Eaton continued: “Stubby holders used to be mostly a summer item, but now they are gaining traction during the colder months, too. In fact, autumn may be the best time to give out custom stubby holders. Some people even wear them out in the summer and are ready for new ones.”

ImagePak Marketing provides custom stubby holders and other promotional products to many businesses in the Perth area. To learn more about the items they offer, check out their website: http://www.imagepak.com.au/ or call 1300 658 745.