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Another Successful Golden Bean Roaster Competition for Veneziano

Media Release October 2014

Veneziano Coffee Roasters achieved five medals in four categories at the weekend’s Compak Golden Bean Roaster Competition in Port Macquarie, in the highest number of entries seen to date.

The microlot coffees submitted by Veneziano successfully achieved awards in the Filter Chemex and Single Origin categories, whilst its traditional blends were recognised in the Espresso and Organic Espresso categories, in a competition where every coffee entered is judged by industry peers.

In addition, Veneziano received recognition for a further seven awards for its contract roasting, for various blends commissioned by its customers in the categories of Coffee Chain Espresso and Coffee Chain Milk Based Coffee and gold medal recognition for its beans used in the Home Roaster category.

Veneziano was awarded the following:

  • Silver medal for microlot Ethiopia Nekisse - Pour Over Filter (Chemex) category
  • Bronze medal for microlot Costa Rica Black Pearl - Single Origin Espresso category 
  • Bronze medal for microlot Kenya Yara - Single Origin Espresso category 
  • Bronze medal for blend Pure - Organic Espresso category
  • Bronze medal for blend Bella - Espresso Coffee category

“I am extremely pleased at the performance of our microlot coffees”, says Veneziano managing director Craig Dickson. “Particularly so because it’s a reflection of all our hard work in selecting and building direct trade partnerships with our growers”.

With regards to the contract roasting Veneziano does, Craig explains, “It’s also very satisfying to be recognised for the blends we create for our customers because they are quite prescriptive in what they are looking for in their coffee, for the satisfaction of their own customers”. 

“It really demonstrates our ability to partner with customers [requiring their own branded coffee blends], understanding what they need to achieve and our ability to really nail their requirements”, he says, finishing with, “After all, this can only be good for specialty coffee as consumers continue to gain an appreciation for it through wider exposure”.

Veneziano has previously won numerous awards in various specialty roaster, coffee and barista competitions, having competed since its inception. 

On a slightly less serious note, the Veneziano also team took out the “Best Dressed” award at the Golden Bean roaster awards dinner ceremony, during which all the medals were announced.

About Veneziano Coffee Roasters - established 2000

Specialty roasters; award winning blends, exclusive micro-lot coffees and 

contract roasting; supporter of direct trade with producers and cooperatives; 

on-site quality coffee training and education by professional baristas; First Pour cafe espresso bars, brew bars and coffee showrooms; home of Australian barista, latte art, cupping and roasting champions; licensed Q Cuppers and World certified judge; professional espresso machines, grinders and equipment for cafe and home; Australia’s largest distributor of Chemex Coffeemakers and Inker Cups, recipient of countless roaster and barista awards and proud supplier to over 500 of Australia’s best cafes.

The First Pours are located at:

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