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Google & AOPEN sign co-development agreement to promote new devices, open standards

Announcement posted by The PR Group 12 Mar 2015

Tech giants collaborating on new Managed Commercial Chrome Devices to push the frontiers of retail technology

Las Vegas, 12 March 2015: Powerful, easy-to-use commercial grade devices are making an entry to the signage, POS and kiosk markets, after Google and AOPEN signed a co-development agreement.

The strategic relationship between Google and AOPEN, a specialist in digital signage with over 19 years of experience, opens the doors for new products with a focus on high performance, fast deployment and security.

Both Google and AOPEN are aligned in their belief in open standards, and allowing multiple app providers to drive the industry.

Stephen Borg, Corporate Director, AOPEN says the collaboration is win-win for the industry:

"Google shares our vision for open standards and a platform that will encourage multiple app providers to design for. Retailers of all sizes are increasingly embracing digital signage, and the new products we are developing with Google will be powerful but still affordable. We've already seen big developer interest in Chrome as a platform for digital signage apps, and we're excited to bring new Managed Commercial Chrome devices to market," Stephen Borg says.

As part of the co-development agreement, three Managed Commercial Chrome devices are slated for release in the second quarter of 2015: the Chromebox Commercial, the Chromebase Commercial 19 inch and the Chromebase Commercial 22 inch.

All three are fitted with the Chrome Device Management and are easy to deploy, use and manage. Design focus has been on making the devices extra rugged, with data and device security for in-store customer engagement. 
The Chromebox Commercial is a plug-and-play Digital Engine player that can power digital displays of any kind.

The Chromebase Commercial, available in two sizes, is an all-in-one touch display device.

The new Managed Commercial Chrome Devices all come with 3 year warranties that are designed for round the clock, 24/7 use.

Matthew Blumberg, Google says:

"We are moving to a world where all signs will be digital, and Chrome devices are the ideal platform for digital signage and kiosk applications. It features hardware-level security, it's stable, fast and with Chrome Device Management it can be centrally deployed, managed and monitored. We look forward to collaborating with AOPEN on future products with our entry into the commercial devices market," Matthew Blumberg says.

Currently estimated at USD 13.25 billion, the digital signage market is forecast to reach USD 20.03 billion by 2020 . It's being driven by significant growth in sectors such as retail, education and transport, as well as technological advancement in developing countries.

Customers that are interested in the hardware models can contact AOPEN via info@aopen.com or digitalsignage@aopen.com 

Alternatively, come and visit us at one of our Retail Evolution Labs via Retailevolutionlab@aopen.- com locations San Jose, Den Bosch, Taipei, Shanghai, Tokyo, Melbourne, opening soon London, and Brazil to experience our full range of products and meet our team of experts.

AOPEN specialises in small form factor computing and touch display technology for digital signage, kiosks and POS. As a leading manufacturer of digital signage hardware solutions worldwide, AOPEN continues to expand its products and services in other vertical markets such as retail, transportation, automation, hospitality and medical. AOPEN offers a durable product platform for reliable, green and powerful computing, offering AV and electronic system integrators a solid solution for any scenario. 

Media contact: Joy Chua, press@aopen.com

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