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New Edge Group announces offering electrical contractors for any job are now available

Seeing that there is always a dire need for highly professional and experienced electrical contractors in Sydney as well as other parts of NSW, the company has announced that their contractors are now available for hire.

New Edge Group recently announced that they now have one of the largest teams of qualified and experienced electrical contractors working for them. The highly recognized company has said that seeing that there is always a need for quality contractors; they are now offering their services to residential as well as commercial business owners. The company currently has a growing team of contractors, every one of whom specializes in a multitude of electrical services. So, by offering these services the company hopes that anyone who has a problem with their electrical system will hire them right away.


Electricians servicing Sydney 

The overall number of professionals providing electrical contractor services in Sydney as well as other major cities in Australia has grown considerably. Even the most conservative estimates put the figures at 25% in the past five years. This has meant that the industry has become increasingly competitive. However, despite people feeling that they are spoilt for choice many complain that they are not really satisfied with the service the contractors provided. Some people even complain of being overcharged. That said people who are on a budget often go down the path of hiring the cheapest contractor they can find which results is shoddy work. But established and reputed businesses like New Edge Group are giving people another option i.e. to hire professionals with a proven track record of great work and professionals backed by years of experience for almost the same price. 

New Edge becoming more competitive 

New Edge Group is looking to get a larger slice of the market share especially by overtaking businesses run by often inexperienced professionals. The move is obviously good news for people who need to hire professionals and are looking for a service to provide them with great workmanship and most of all business they can trust. So, the latest announcement by the company is certainly expected to be well received. If anything it will help them make even further inroads into the budget market, like they have previously into the business and industrial market. 

New Edge Group is one of the most established electrical and air conditioning services in Australia. The service is Australian owned and operated, plus they have over the years proven to be a service that can be trusted. This is why they are the service of choice for many industries and businesses who continue to rely on their expertise to keep lots of mission critical machines and processes running. Though the company is known to always be well priced in terms of quality to price even compared with some of their top competitors, the latest announcement will help them do more business especially with domestic clients. 

More information about New Edge Group, and for details on the electrical services or the electrical contractors that they have for hire can be had by visiting their website http://www.newedgegroup.com.au. People can also ask questions and get quotes via the website by filling out their online form for information. 

New Edge Group

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