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Tall Trees Care Communities Co-Founder Says: “Typical Aged Care Staffing Levels are Not Good Enough for Our Residents.”

Provider of leading alternative to aged care in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast reveals why staffing levels at traditional aged care facilities cannot provide adequate care.

Australia, 25 March 2015 - At Tall Trees Care Communities, they pride themselves in providing a level of care that is higher than that of the typical aged care community or nursing home on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. In fact, they feel they have differentiated themselves from the field so much that they are an alternative to aged care.

Phil Usher, co-founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, has a strong commitment to providing the highest quality aged care possible. The business model at Tall Trees has always followed a principle of consumer directed care. Residents purchase their own home and enjoy the same rights as any homeowner. In addition, they choose their own level of care.

It Started with a Mission

According to Mr Usher, “When we decided to build our first Tall Trees Care Community, we asked a lot of seniors, including our own mums and dads, what they felt was important. Everyone we asked said that they wanted to feel independent instead of feeling like they were being told what to do every second of every day. They wanted a lifestyle that was like they had at home, but better.” 

Mr Usher continued, “When we were finished talking to everyone, it was obvious that we had to find a way to provide high quality aged care while preserving the independence and dignity of our residents. We decided that if it isn’t good enough for our mums and dads, it just isn’t good enough.”

Providing care that they felt was good enough for their own mums and dads became both a credo and a mission. The result, so far, is five Tall Trees Care Communities which house more than 250 residents. There are more than 150 staff members to take care of those 250 residents.

Tall Trees Care Communities are staffed so well that they can provide all aspects of care: low care, moderate care, high care, dementia care and palliative care among them. They also offer a full range of nursing services, personal care, continence management, nutrition assistance, hydration assistance and mobility assistance.

They provide individual encouragement and support while encouraging mental stimulation and social interaction. They strive to keep lines of communication open between staff, residents and families.

The Staffing Level Crisis

According to the Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF), Lee Thomas, there is currently a “staffing crisis” in the field of aged care. Ms Thomas estimates a shortfall of as many as 20,000 qualified carers in the aged care industry. She recently voiced her concerns with Senator Glenn Lazarus from Queensland, who agrees with her.

Mr Usher concluded, “By today’s aged care standards, we are overstaffed. And we will stay that way.”

Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to the traditional nursing home or aged care facility. They have five communities in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Residents own their homes and select their own level of care. Their nursing staff is available to residents 24/7 and provides the highest level of aged care. To learn more, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: http://www.talltrees.net.au/.