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Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar launches affordable Healthy Family Meals Cookbook

All recipes are sustainable and less than $5 per serve!

16 April, 2015 - Sydney, Australia:I Quit Sugar’s new Healthy Family Meals eBook lands today. And we don’t want to hold you up from getting straight into the kitchen. So, this is what you might like to know:

There’s 40 team-tested-and-tasted recipes. Which, of course, are all sugar-free and nutrient-dense.

• We’ve designed the whole thing to feed a family (or group house!) of four. And to be easily upscaled to bigger crews.

• Every recipe comes in under $5 a head. This time we set Sarah the challenge of dishing up dinner for less than $5 a head. Actually…

Some Healthy Family Meal recipes are less than $2 per serve.

That’s less than a Big Mac. And, um, a Paddle Pop.

And every meal is sustainable. “This bit truly matters to me,” says Sarah. “I think most families want to be on the right side of the eco story with their food. The most insanely great bit about sustainable eating is that it’s also the most economical way to eat. We’ve used cheap sustainable meat, cheap, accessible veggies, no fancy stuff, just the ingredients to get the meal to your table as efficiently and mindfully as possible. We’ve pulled out all our tricks for this one!”

What’s inside this cookbook:


• Sunday Cook-ups: Start your week on the front foot and whip up our delicious beef roasts, slow cooked lamb or meatloaf recipe.  

• Lovely Leftovers: Have a bit of everything but no idea what to cook? We’ve got you covered.

• Mid-Week Meals: Avoid mid-week madness; we’ve created a whole chapter chock-full of super speedy dinners that won’t break the bank.

• Friday Night Fun: We’ve transformed a few family favourites into healthy, nutritious meals. Burgers, anyone?

• Family favourite desserts: Saving the best for last, we’ll show you how to create orange and almond cake, Mum’s jam slice or our 5-minute chocolate sweet potato chips.

Purchase the Healthy Family Meals Cookbook online for $12.99 at www.store.IQuitSugar.com. Available on iPad, android and in pdf format.  



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Sarah Wilson is a New York Times best-selling author, former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and host of the first series of MasterChef Australia, the highest rating show in Australian TV history. You can find Sarah blogging at SarahWilson.com, bush hiking or biking through the streets of Sydney.