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Australian Company Digital Sense First to Deploy Customised Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform

Digital Sense is The First to Complete Proof of Concept And Deploy Seagate’s Kinetic Solutions

SYDNEY, Australia — 20th April, 2015 — Digital Sense, one of Australia’s premier public cloud hosting suppliers has successfully deployed the world’s first proof of concept for the Kinetic Open Storage Platform from Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in storage solutions. With Kinetic Open Storage Platform, Digital Sense can now store enormous data sets with architectural system development flexibility and simplified management requirements, as well as delivering up to 75 percent reduction in costs.
The deployment involved Digital Sense using Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform with custom developed software utilizing the open source API to run 60 physical drives and extending the platform with a further 32,704 simulated drives, yielding a virtual storage pool of 32,768 drives (equivalent to a single 131PB storage array).
Digital Sense has been able to rapidly develop storage prototypes that have validated the technology as an extremely viable modern solution for any large-scale disk user, including public cloud providers. The Kinetic Open Storage Plaform’s direct attachment of disk to network gives Digital Sense true Ethernet scale-out storage capabilities that, for the first time, align with the visions of hypervisors’ massive-distributed capabilities.

The platform dramatically simplifies large-scale storage architectures by eliminating the overhead of an entire storage server tier, which in turn lowers equipment costs. Fewer number of storage servers also reduces power consumption and headcount expenses associated with managing storage, resulting in lower operating costs.
The Kinetic Open Storage platform improves drive and rack level performance by eliminating the need for legacy file systems and shifting HDD storage media space management to the drive itself. The streamlined architecture allows storage applications to talk directly to Kinetic object storage HDDs and performance is further enhanced by eliminating storage server bottlenecks via direct IP addressing of each drive, thereby improving system level throughput.
The platform enables servers and storage to be scaled independently and developed more rapidly. Cloud data centers can add servers and storage at entirely different rates, matching each precisely to their needs. In addition, HDD innovation can progress more rapidly as servers and operating systems are shielded from device changes through the Kinetic open source API.
Kinetic Open Storage Platform has also enabled Digital Sense to successfully test its new RAID formula (patent pending) that works with similar disk counts to RAID 6 but has the ability to recover from dozens of drives failing in massive RAID strips.
The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform has garnered broad industry support from cloud and enterprise customers, as well as software and hardware systems partners, including AOL, Digital Sense, and Hewlett Packard.
Digital Sense’s customers include Federal and State Government Departments, Brisbane Catholic Education, YMCA, and EziDebit.
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