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What are the 75% of women over 50 who are living alone doing this Mother's Day?

Give mum a gift of self-esteem this year.

Best-selling author and advocate for Australia's baby-boomer women, Victoria Rose, believes the best present we should give our mothers and grandmothers on Mother's Day is self-confidence and self-esteem.

75% of women living alone are over 50 - are they daring and carefree or desperate and depressed?

Ms Rose's book How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life: Tough love for smart, single women over 60 takes women on a journey of personal discovery in order to (re) discover their unique values and find a new meaning and purpose in life.

Her book is based on her own journey of going from 'Now to Wow' and she is planning seminars around the country with a 5-day intensive retreat in Bali later this year. 

"Women over 60 are smart and capable. We are much more than mothers and grandmothers and I want all Australian women over 60 to take a hard look at themselves and start making positive changes," Ms Rose said.

Ms Rose's book includes exercises that help older women create a powerful relationship with money, how to focus on their true values and how to learn to love their mature looks and bodies.

"If you really want to show your mum that you appreciate her on Mother's Day then invest in her happiness and self-confidence and not just a bunch of flowers that won't last the week," said Ms Rose.

Victoria Rose's easy-to-follow, 5-step has already changed the lives of women around Australia who have bought the book for themselves or received it as a gift from friends.

Victoria's program "helps women identify their life's goals and a pathway to get there. It's full of amazing wisdom which comes to you in a firm but loving way. This is Victoria's style of writing, to teach, and I love it! The lessons are invaluable for women of all ages really and most importantly for us baby boomers who lack the self love we are so entitled to," said Christine in an Amazon review.

Ms Rose raised 2 children while being an instructor in the Australian Army Reserve. After completing her own journey from 'Now to Wow', Ms Rose launched her own training business in 2008. Since then over 12,500 participants have attended her Leadership Workshops. 

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"How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life: Tough Love for Smart, Single Women over 60" is available from www.over60stillfabulous.com (RRP $29.99)

EVENTS: Victoria Rose is holding a one-day seminar called 'Get into the driver's seat' in Port Melbourne on May 11 2015 and a 5-day intensive retreat in Bali in September.