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Relationship Free announces 'Self Love September'

An awareness month dedicated to loving yourself

Media Release

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Relationship Free announces Self Love September

It’s official – 1 September 2015 will mark the inaugural launch of Self Love September announced life coach and founder of Relationship Free, Sarah Webb in Sydney today.

“Most of us would agree that demonstrating love through a variety of ways is an important way to maintain a healthy relationship and keep love alive – because it keeps it interesting– and self love should be no different,” Ms Webb said.

Self love September is a month where we acknowledge our personal achievements and successes. It’s a month where we thank our mind, body and spirit for working together to get us through our journey. It’s a month where we celebrate ourselves and demonstrate that self-appreciation with an act of love for each day of the month.

Most of us achieve something every day.

Most of us think remarkable things – every day.

And every single one of us has a story – and we're all inspirational.

These three things demonstrate that we are deserving and worthy of a reward. And while we do deserve it every moment of every day, we will celebrate it every day for one month of the year as a reminder to ourselves: we matter.

“Even the most successful people regularly forget to reward themselves or don’t know how and this month brings everyone together to share their experiences and to love yourself completely the way you want to be loved,” Ms Webb added.

Throughout September Relationship Free will talk about self love and how you can not only demonstrate self love and self care, but also help you realise it, even in the most painful situations you may find yourself in. The awareness month is designed to help people find ways to strengthen and enhance the relationship they have with themselves, whether it’s barely existent or you have mastered it and are interested in some new tips to re-ignite the love or looking for some tricks to keep the self love alive.

"We're very excited to be launching this awareness month for all ages to enable everyone to receive the unique love that only they can give and to do this we will be particularly active within the community to spread the word during September. More information about Self Love September will be available via our blog on our website - www.relationshipfree.com - and on our social media (Facebook and Twitter) in coming months," said Ms Webb.

Can’t wait for it to begin? Relationship Free is releasing an e-book on Amazon 100% Self Love: the roadmap to the love and life you desire, which is available for pre-order now, and due for official release on 15 May 2015. Order yours today: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WOAMG88



Relationship Free is a life coaching company based in Sydney, Australia that works with people all over the world to enhance their self love and understanding of themselves.

Our mission is to assist people to learn to love themselves holistically and understand their actions, words and thoughts in a way that develops self-compassion and self-trust while enhancing the person’s self esteem and self worth.

Relationship Free is forward thinking, forward focused and forward moving in all approaches. We help people to identify positive steps forward and take actions to achieve the best outcome for them, with our main concern being what we can do now - because most people make mistakes and it's just part of the journey.

Our support is vibrant and energetic to create a comfortable, positive space to resolve problems, transform them into opportunities and thrive to your full potential. Because the world needs the special love only you can give!