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Cherwell mApp Solutions win Pink Elephant's IT Excellence Award for Innovation of the Year

Brisbane – 29 April 2015– As Cherwell Software’s APAC Regional Distributor, Service Quality is pleased to announce that Cherwell Software has been awarded Pink Elephant’s Innovation of the Year Award for mApp™ solutions and the Cherwell mApp Exchange. As one of three finalists for the award, Cherwell was recognised for easily and powerfully enabling customers to extend the value of their Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) installation.

 A Cherwell mergeable application – or mApp solution – is an application that is part of the Cherwell Service Management platform, enabling customers and partners to quickly and easily merge specific new functionality or capabilities. IT teams now have the tools to swiftly, and cost-effectively, adapt their ITSM platform to meet changing business requirements. While the concept of application integration is not new, the concept of actually fusing together or merging together two different applications with a few simple steps is fundamentally new, and patent-pending, technology.

The reason Cherwell is able to revolutionise this process is because Cherwell’s software platform operates at the data level and leverages a codeless environment. mApp capabilities thus enable merging applications without breaking existing configurations or breaking future upgrades, a common pain point for IT teams that integrate or customise solutions.

“When we started Cherwell Software 10 years ago, this was fundamental to our vision, essential to giving IT the tools to be the true business partner, and we’re thrilled to deliver it,” says Vance Brown, CEO of Cherwell Software. “We started with the goal of empowering IT by providing a tool that enables the IT organisation to demonstrate the business value of IT. mApp capabilities enable IT organisations — without coding or scripting — to extend their capabilities at the pace of the business. Cherwell customers and partners can also easily exchange solutions they have built via Cherwell’s mApp Exchange community. The mApp Exchange significantly decreases the time to execute and increases the time to value. It’s a game-changer, and we are honoured to receive this recognition from Pink Elephant.” 

Since launching in 2014, the Cherwell mApp Exchange continues to receive an enthusiastic response from the global community of Cherwell Software customers and partners. Dozens of mApp solutions are now available, covering areas such as facilities management, password reset management, IT project management and more. And more mApp solutions are being added to the mApp Exchange every week.

“mApp functionality is a revolutionary and inexpensive way to plug HR, facilities, communication, and other applications into Cherwell Service Management in a matter of hours,”said Ben Mears, Managing Director at Service Quality.

About Service Quality

As Cherwell Software’s APAC Regional Distributor, Service Quality is an innovative leader and supplier of choice, delivering ‘best in class’ service management solutions and customer service in Business Process Design, Technical Consultancy, Implementation, Training and Support. At Service Quality, our aim is to help customers build their platform for success through cost-effective management and IT solutions.

About Cherwell Software

Cherwell Software is the developer of Cherwell Service Management® (CSM), an award-winning business technology and IT service management (ITSM) platform recognised by leading industry analysts worldwide. Cherwell customers are part of a fast-growing, caring community using Cherwell Service Management to implement both ITSM solutions and business technology that goes beyond ITSM. Cherwell Software has the deepest expertise in the service management industry, including a global network of expert partners currently serving customers in more than 40 countries.