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Andatech Announces Release of Three new Products for Health and Wellness

Andatech releases new dehumidifier, premium air purifier and humidifier in Ionmax range.

Melbourne, Australia – May 19, 2015 – Andatech director, Irwandy Tan, today announced the anticipated and exciting release of three new Ionmax products.  Facilitating better health for consumers, the ION450 Premium Home Air Purifier, the ION681 Compact Humidifier, and the ION50 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier are the perfect addition to any home.

“With these three new products, we’ve taken into consideration all our customers’ feedback on functionality, design and usability and made several huge improvements,” said Tan. 

“We’re very proud of these three new releases and we’ve already seen a lot of interest in them from our customers and our resellers, especially now with allergies in Australia on the rise.”


The Ionmax ION450 Premium Home Air Purifier features five levels of filtration with the ability to reduce 99% of bacteria and odours, tied together inside a stylish and premium design. Its combination of filters help to remove hair, pet dander and dust from the air, along with smoke, pollen, bacteria and mould spores. It neutralises odours that include smoke, gasses and volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

The Ionmax ION681 Compact Dehumidifier offers power and energy efficiency inside a lightweight and compact model. Its range of functions allow it to efficiently remove excess moisture from the air as well as help dry laundry indoors, making it the perfect household helper.

The Ionmax ION50 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier replaces valuable humidity that, especially in winter, is easily lost through heating. Its lightweight, and powerful design allows for a 360-degree mist rotation, resulting in better humidity levels for every home.

Australia is undergoing significant environmental changes, resulting in increased air quality concerns and allergic reactions in individuals who previously had none. These new additions to the Andatech / Ionmax family will enable consumers to control the humidity and air quality in their homes, reducing symptoms from bacteria- and allergen-related illnesses, leading to better health and wellness.

With Australia having one of the highest allergy and hay fever rates in the world, the Ionmax products come as a welcome relief.

The Ionmax range is available for purchase online at www.andatech.com.au.

Alternatively consumers can call Andatechin Australia on 1300 800 200 or worldwide on (613) 8877 0700.

About Andatech                                                                 
Andatech was founded in 2003 as a distributor of Australians Standards certified breathalysers for Australians, and over the past decade has established a reputation as a leader in reliable wellness and occupational health & safety technologies throughout Asia Pacific. Its range of quality products and services focus on its vision of a safe and healthy environment, at home and at work.