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New Android App - Automatic Forwarding of Text Messages

Auto Forward SMS - the Text Message 'Phone Tree'.

SMS Response Australia has launched a new mobile app for Android phones.

Auto Forward SMS is a time-saving app that will automatically forward any SMS you receive from specified numbers to selected contacts and groups in your Contact list. 

In essence it allow you to use your messages received from certain numbers like a phone-tree for SMS (text messages). 

The idea for the app came after a call to our SMS broadcast company SMSExpress.com.au from a fire brigade officer who was frustrated at the time wasted when he got a fire alert and had to call or try to SMS his team urgently. He just wanted a simple function so when he got an SMS from the fire alarm company, his selected team also got the text message seconds later.

Auto Forward SMS will do just that...after you set it up, the app will forward any text message you receive from a certain number to your selected contacts. We imagine the app would be useful for warnings, alerts, news updates..and situation where you need certain people in your Contacts and Groups to be in the loop.

The Auto Forward SMS app will work on any Android phone in most countries, if not all. When we built this app, we realised that there were many different uses for it, whether it be social or business or emergency services. For example:

- Emergency Services SMS Warnings forwarded to your 'need to know people'
- Event Management - have important text messages automatically forwarded to your staff if you're in meetings and expecting updates
- Club Functions - have your SMS updates forwarded onto deputies and other staff
- News Updates or Announcements - Have any important news alerts that you receive via SMS forwarded to other parties that need to know

For more information please visit www.autoforwardsms.com