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The Business Loyalty program for 'out of the box' thinkers in Small Business

The only ONE card loyalty program in Australia.

****Looking for 'out of the box' thinking Small Businesses*****

Are you a small business that would like to have a loyalty program? Do you already have a store loyalty program and find it hard to get new customers'? Or use throw-away punch-hole cardboard cards?

You need......




Retail Card


Make your customers' year by joining our YOURCARD program. We have surveyed customers of loyalty programs and discoveredthey are 'sick and tired' of carrying 'too many cards', or they are frustrated due to not having the card they need at their finger tips, common complaints by our test group are: 'oh damn, it is in my other purse' or 'I can not fit all my cards it in my purse/wallet', 'why do I bother, I never get anything for it'. Many customers said they will not join any more programs as they do need another 'bloody card' in their purse or wallet. 

The YOURCARD program will condense all loyalty card programs into ONE loyalty card program. Reducing the cost a loyalty program for your business.  Let us run your loyalty program for you, for just 10 cents per scan of a customers YOURCARD.  Stores will reap the benefits of valuable data collection and your customers will be able to reduce the size of their purse and wallets for only 10 cents per scan.  YOURCARD is free to customers, and our 10cent per scan fee covers the cost of the customers plastic loyalty card, and the use of our software and data base, you will be saving the environment, as well as reducing customer frustration..... no more will we hear clients exclaim 'where is that card' !!! Customers' will never have to miss out on points or a free coffee again. Our program can be tailored to suit your reward system, either buy xxx, get one free or points per dollars spent.  The first 10 business to join YOURCARD will receive a free logo on the reverse of our card ! So you will still have a presence in your customers' purse or wallet (valid for 1 year only), all for 10 cents per scan!! 1 cent from each scan is donated to Ready for Life: Loss Grief and Youth  Foundation.