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Verbatim announces new DigitalMovie DVD+/-R Discs

Verbatim announces new DigitalMovie DVD+/-R Discs Combines Movie Reel Look with High Quality, 4X Speed

With the recordable DVD sector experiencing faster growth than even recordable CD did when it hit the market, product developments continue at a rapid rate with Verbatim. The company is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its new DVD DigitalMovie discs, continuing its aim of reaching not only those whose lives are immersed in technology but the style conscious and more casual consumer. Like Verbatims popular Digital Vinyl CD-R discs that look like 45-rpm records, the new movie reel DVD discs, with the unique look of a movie reel, bring smiles to the faces of everyone who sees them.
The DVD DigitalMovie recordable discs are available in both DVD-R the format supported by the DVD Forum, of which Verbatim is a member and the DVD+R format supported by the +RW Alliance, of which Verbatim is a key member as well. Verbatim's unique DigitalMovie DVD+/-R discs put the fun in recording, viewing and sharing home movies. In addition to giving personal videos the realistic look of a classic Hollywood movie reel, the discs are ideal for backing up DVD video titles and transferring video tapes to optical media that wont degrade over time. Consumers can also use the discs with compatible personal video recorders (PVRs) to standardize the look of their recorded video collections in clear, DVD video-sized jewel boxes.
The write-once DVD+/-R formats offer the broadest compatibility with todays DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players and can be easily shared. With a capacity of 4.7GB, users can store 2 hours of video on a single disc, and at 4x speed an entire 4.7GB DVD-R or +R disc can be recorded in about 15 minutes. People who dont have a 4x DVD burner can record DigitalMovie discs with earlier generation burners at 1x or 2x speed.
Ideal for businesses that want their marketing videos to stand out, the premium-quality discs can be used to distribute DVDs that are unique and memorable. DigitalMovie discs will also appeal to replication houses and videographers who want create distinctive-looking discs for distribution.
Of course, being a Verbatim product, the ultimate in recording DVD recording technology and quality is assured via the companys Advanced AZO technology meaning recording at 4x speed can be achieved. This produces a recording layer with an improved power margin and greater sensitivity ensuring both speed and stability during the recording process. Archival lifetime of your valuable movies thereby becomes longer than ever.
For increased reliability, Verbatim's new DigitalMovie DVD+/-R media are manufactured utilizing Ultra-Precise Molding (UPM) technology. With UPM, the deflection or tilt of the substrate is minimized so the media spins smoothly at high speeds, regardless of the type of drive. Stable rotation during the reading and writing processes virtually eliminates the possibility of errors.
Pricing and Availability
Backed by a lifetime warranty, Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD+/-R media has a retail price of $19.95 per 3-pack and will be available through authorised resellers across the country in December.
About Verbatim
Since 1969 Verbatim has been at the forefront of the evolution of data storage technology. Today, more than 30 years later, Verbatim remains one of the most recognizable names in data storage and is an international market leader in the distribution of optical and magnetic media, computer hardware and computer consumables. Verbatim Australia is the market leader in the distribution of CD/DVD Duplication and Publishing equipment, providing sales and support services for leading manufacturers. For more information see www.verbatim.com.au
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