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Freo Aid '80s style is music to the ears

Freo Aid


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Relive the decade when big hair, shoulder pads and LiveAid were on the scene. The ‘80s are back - with the recreation of the history-making concert to raise money for famine in Africa, only this time30 years on, it is for disadvantaged young people in Fremantle.


FreoAid, organised by West Coast Events to raise money for the Fremantle Foundation Fund for Children and Young People, is set for an explosive evening of nostalgia, fun and a chance to kick up your heels with like-minded music hungry enthusiasts at the Fremantle Town Hall on Saturday, July 18 from 5pm to midnight.


A glittering line-up of class acts include the famed Perth-based Oats Supply – a six-piece cover band that delivers more than a blast from the past with their energy for rock and comedy and Thomas Crane who, with a Kind of Magic, comes alive as Freddie Mercurybelting out Queen’s repertoire, around the globe. His next stop is California.


Hundred Acre Wood kicks off the Show so fans of the Beach Boys, Neil Young, Duran Duran and Tom Petty - be prepared to have your memories rekindled! SXNI, will play classic INXS songs reminiscent of their performance at Oz for Africa July 1985 in Sydney while Brothers in Arms will be pumping out Dire Straits classics.


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Mono, with U2 classics, will find it for you! 


As Fremantle Dockers’ player Luke McPharlin puts it:

“FreoAid promises to be a great night out and a chance to kick up your heels to fantastic local acts. Hey, the talent’s so good I couldn’t get a gig! So get behind what promises to be a great night out in Fremantle and support a worthy cause in the process. - the Fremantle Foundation for Disadvantaged Children and Young People. Tickets are on sale for $70 from www.freoaid.com.au


CEO of the Foundation and former Dockers’ player Dylan Smith reiterates the message: 


“FreoAid is really a great opportunity for everyone to have a great time knowing they have contributed to much needed funds that will go towards enabling kids in our area, and their families, to have a crack at a better way of life.


FreoAid is a chance to squeeze into your old clothes, have a great time and support our areas’ young people. We are very excited FreoAid will not only keep the tradition of LiveAid strong, but will see funds raised on the night pooled together with a long-term commitment to support the community for many years to come and to help raise $30000.


The Fremantle area is one of great contrasts. Within a short distance from the city centre, in any direction, there are families and communities experiencing great disadvantage.

If we can bask in the many things Fremantle has to offer, surely we must also pick up some responsibility for our areas’ challenges?” 


Tickets are available through:



Enquiries email: freoaid@wcevents.com.au


Check out how you can help with funds for the Fremantle Foundation Fund for Children and Young People: