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MGGS celebrates the 5th Birthday of an Avatar

Announcement posted by melbourne girls grammar 30 Jul 2015

Tomorrow Melbourne Girls Grammar and schoolbox celebrate the 5th birthday party of eVI, the school’s avatar that was created to represent the school’s 6th learning precinct, the virtual one.

Six years ago Melbourne Girls Grammar was one of the first schools to introduce an eLearning role, something that six years later is quite commonplace. With the employment of Mary-Lou O’Brien, one of Australia’s earliest online entrepreneurs, one of the first tasks assigned to her was the roll out of a Learning Management System. In 2010, O’Brien partnered with Schoolbox, a software company based in Camberwell, to build on and customise their product to meet the School’s needs.  

“A lot of the products that are used for eLearning in universities are geared for adult learners, but we wanted something that was appropriate for our early learning centre right through to Year 12, but could also be a parent portal,” O’Brien told The Educator in an interview earlier this year.

The LMS was christened eVI, a girls’ name, and an avatar was designed to represent her. She was any MGGS girl, she was relatable and memorable.  

Tomorrow she turns FIVE and the school is celebrating with a special assembly, the opportunity for eVI selfies, the whole school wearing their hair eVI style for the day and dancing. Schoolbox has stepped in providing sweet treats and a cake for the staff, all eVI branded of course.


Media are invited to attend at 12.15 for the assembly or for the lunchtime celebrations at 12.45pm. Please RSVP to Marylou.obrien@mggs.vic.edu.au and we will arrange for someone to meet you at the main reception 86 Anderson St, South Yarra.

Media Contacts

Mary-Lou O

03 9862 9213