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Award-winning leader in communications open’s her Little Red Book to help others DIY PR.

As the winner of the 2015 Edupreneur Award for PR and Media, Linda Reed-Enever is a master wordsmith who knows how to celebrate a business and get the most out of their personal media profile. Linda is the founder and Principal Director of ThoughtSpot PR and Media Connections. Linda’s ability to think outside the box and deliver new and creative ideas gives her an edge in the market. She inspires and motivates with her entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiastic ‘can do’ attitude. Now, she’s giving you an inside-look into connecting your business with media opportunities.

Linda launched her highly anticipated The Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas during a two-day workshop running in July. Attendees to the ‘Master the Media’ workshop were among the first to get a copy of Linda’s Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas, taking time from their busy weekend learning how to develop strong working relationships with the media. The workshop focused on helping business owners and organisations build a media toolkit and taught attendees how to grow their reputation through media engagement.

Linda’s Little Red e-Book gives the reader a sneak-peak into the ‘ideas bank’ of her innovative, award-winning PR practices. Linda demonstrates her expertise and passion by offering a world-class introduction into the world of DIY media promotion. She shares her marketing wisdom with her own unique and professional style.

As a master storyteller, Linda knows the power of building a clear, gripping narrative to tell your audience. Linda’s Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas covers how to promote your business and products via media and press releases.

Linda’s Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas covers:

  • Being Part of the Community

  • Events and Things You Do

  • Key Dates and Making News from News

  • Promoting your business and Products

  • When Things Happen for You or Your Business

  • Your Industry and Thought Leadership

  • Your People

  • Your Why and Your Story

 Linda has launched the Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas by providing FREE copies when you subscribe to her newsletter at www.lindareedenever.com.au

To arrange an interview with Linda, please be encouraged to contact her directly on 0433 149 319 or via email linda@lindareedenever.com.au