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TSheets Gives Business Owners an Edge with Connected, Cloud-Based Solutions

Now with an office on O'Connell Street in Sydney

Cloud-based business management solutions, software that allows employees to access information from anywhere, anytime and from any device, are here to stay. TSheets, an employee timesheet app, today announced that is is the latest cloud-based software to position an office on O’Connell Street in Sydney, partnering with other local apps to enhance business efficiency and profitability.

While cloud-based business solutions such as Intuit Australia,Receipt Bank, andAsset Guru are already helping small businesses not just survive but thrive with business and financial management tools; TSheets has joined these best-of-breed tools to fill a critical gap. By using TSheets, small businesses are able to accurately track time for mobile employees, saving significantly on payroll expenses (4-8% on average) and accurately capture labour hours for job costing.

According to Clayton Oates, Chief Solutions Officer at QA Business and Australian thought leader in technology and accounting, “Accounting technology has a promise to keep, and that is to help small and medium businesses create efficiency through a connected, streamlined world. New cloud software is making all that possible, and choosing a core accounting engine and the right third-party software partners will help you get there.”

For business owners (and small business owners in particular), choosing wisely when it comes to third-party software partners and tools can make all the difference. With tight margins and rigorous competition, cloud-based solutions work smarter instead of harder to give businesses an edge.

Intuit’s research into the practices and tools that help businesses succeed or fail indicates that of the almost 300,000 new businesses that opened in Australia during 2010-11, one in four closed in the first year — and only half were still open for business three years later. A third of these businesses (32%) were forced to close due to financial mismanagement, and 12% because of inadequate or inaccurate records.

“TSheets’ services have always transcended U.S. borders. We have over 10,000 customers that are headquartered in over 53 countries. Since making the decision to expand our offices globally, it’s been our focus to truly connect with accountants, bookkeepers, small business owners and employees on their home turf,” says TSheets CEO Matt Rissell. “We don’t simply want to offer our time tracking service to Australian-based companies we’re committed to hiring our staff from the local job market, partnering with the best local apps to bolster our offering and listening and responding to the needs of small businesses in the community.”

While TSheets already boasts an impressive 1300+ 5-star reviews on Apps.com, the tech company’s decision to build a home in Australia was led by Rissell's vision of an employee timesheet solution that addresses not only the global issues of accurate time tracking but also the unique needs of a particular community. For Australian business owners and employees, this means both targeted local support and partnership opportunities and new options for keeping business running smoothly.


TSheets is an online timesheet solution designed by real business people to work in real life conditions. TSheets provides the tradies industry and businesses everywhere with an easy-to-use employee interface, real-time GPS tracking and labour costing, detailed reporting and a seamless QuickBooks Online integration - all while saving administrator time on payroll.

TSheets accurately tracks employee work hours via computers, smartphones, tablets and Twitter, enabling employees to enter their time from the field and on the job, using the mobile device they already have. For businesses who work in teams? TSheets offers a Crew App, designed specifically for supervisors to clock entire crews in/out from their smartphone.

To learn more about TSheets or to get in touch with the O’Connell Street office, visit tsheets.com.au