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Xtracta ‘Like’ Driverless Cars + Uber

Jonathan Spence recently posted a blog on the Xtracta website, positing the rise and rise of Uber and, more presciently, driverless cars. Xtracta is heavily involved with artificial intelligence research, using artificial intelligence for automatic data capture from documents, and Jonathan blogged about his interest in the idea of merging the concept of driverless cars and Uber. The following is an extract (mind the pun) from Jonathan’s blog.

 “There are two big stories in the personal transport news these days, Uber (and of course its compatriots in the ride-sharing space like Lyft) & Driverless cars. Each is in itself quite an amazing proposition. 

“Let's start with Uber. On the surface it looks like a win-win for both sides; the passenger and the driver. For the passenger it’s an exceedingly easy service to use providing a known fare value, easy payment and potentially reduced prices for otherwise expensive taxi travel. On the driver side it "democrotises" (I really dislike that term!) the ability for people to hire out their time and vehicles to make a few extra dollars. With a spiralling house market in my current home of Auckland, New Zealand - many people are looking for opportunities like this to make some extra income on the side. 

“It's quite obvious that Uber's goal, despite the media focus on the murderers, rapists and kidnappers that form the Uber driver diaspora, is to merge the concept of driverless cars and a taxi service. Cutting out the driver instantly cuts out a big chunk of the cost of an Uber fare, removes the media and authorities fight against illegal Uber drivers and means each car can be used for much longer each day.


“Uber is investing, quietly and heavily, in driverless cars.


“Imagine it, when you are ready to leave for your morning commute, you press a button on your smartphone and in 1 minute one of countless vehicles travelling past stops to pick you up and will take you directly to the steps of your office. All for not much more than the bus and a heap cheaper than driving (and parking) your own car. 

“The future of transportation is more about Uber and driverless cars - it’s about what both bring when they come together. Now anyone seen those drones becoming suspiciously capable to be ‘hover cars’….?” 

By going online to Xtracta’s website at http://www.xtracta.com people interested in the function of the Xtracta App, an extraction technology with an artificial intelligence system, can find out more about Jonathan and Xtracta.