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HROnboard helps Cardinia Shire Council realise the benefits of Activity Based Working

HROnboard has helped Cardinia Shire Council become the first Australian Council to implement Activity Based Working.

Cardinia Shire Council's workplace changes have already received the Sir Rupert Hamer Record Management Award, Excellence in eGovernment award, the Innovation Fellowship award, and the Scope communication access accreditation award.

"At Council, we call Activity Based Working a "smarter way of working," says Lucinda Taylor, Cardinia Shire Council’s HR Advisor. "All staff, including our new starters are encouraged and supported to adopt this work style and behave in a way that supports Council’s aspirations of being more connected and cohesive, mobile, dynamic and engaged as well as strive for operational excellence."

For HR, the two big priorities were:

o    Improving the onboarding experience for our new employees

o    Implement business improvements that would support this way of working and reducing the amount of paper used in the office. 

HROnboard, a paperless employee onboarding solution built and developed in Australia, has helped reduce Cardinia Shire Council paper dependence by 70%, and gives new hires the best possible introduction to the organisation. 

HROnboard was selected based on it's ability to meet Cardinia's employee onboarding requirements and it's low cost base being delivered in the cloud.
Peter Forbes, CEO of HROnboard, said of the initiative taken by Cardinia Shire Council, "It's great to see local government improving back office efficiencies while providing a modern, welcoming face to the council through the online portal that new hires engage with to accept their job offers."

Cardinia Shire Council's HR Advisor, Lucinda Taylor, said this about HROnboard, "The best thing about HROnboard is the time it saves us. We have so much going on, so HROnboard enables us to be more efficient, to focus on welcoming our new employees to the organisation and developing capability across the organisation rather than hunting around for paperwork."


About HROnboard

HROnboard is cloud based employee onboarding software that helps organisations manage the job offer and new hire process.  HROnboard promises to give new hires an awesome experience whilst freeing HR from administrative tasks.

HROnboard is developed by Navigo, an Australian Human Resource solutions provider started in 2007.   HROnboard launched in 2013 and has grown to have over 50 enterprise customers including Department of Transport WA, Holmesglen TAFE and Swisse.

 About Cardinia Shire Council

Cardinia Shire Council, the organisation, is headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Garry McQuillan. The organisation is divided into five key divisions headed by general managers, Assets and Services, Community Wellbeing, Corporate Services and Planning and Development, and People and Culture.

Cardinia Shire Council's staff has grown to almost 400 across a range of full- and part-time positions and this rising staff number reflects the rapid growth in the area and the continuing need to increase resources to maintain service standards.



Peter Forbes

Founder & CEO - HROnboard

+61 3 9879 2144


Lucinda Taylor 

HR Advisor - Cardinia Shire Council

03 5945 4203