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People management solutions delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS) creates gap in benefits on offer from technology

Sydney / Singapore, 09 Sept 2015 – Presence of IT, a global leader in human resources, payroll and workforce management solutions today announced a reorganisation that brings its People practice to the fore of the company’s global business. 

“The rise of cloud delivery models including SaaS has brought incredible benefits to customers. This includes state of the art business processes and user access, speed of delivery, reduced overheads and better line-of-business management over the technology being deployed,” said Shane Grobler, co-Chief Executive Officer, Presence of IT.

“The unexpected downside we are now seeing is a significant increase in under-utilization of these powerful systems. One of the reasons for this is that users are not prepared for the initial deployment or the ongoing product enhancement cycles, so the full potential of the technology is not being delivered to the business,” he said.

To address this gap, Presence of IT has strengthened its People practice by adding specialist HR strategy and business transformation resources dedicated to helping customers solve the problem.

Global People practice lead Enid Hughes, said that Presence of IT’s People practice is a product agnostic consultancy, established to help organisations to do three things:  align their people and technology strategies with their business objectives; support their workforce as they transition to new ways of working; and extract the greatest value from their technology investment as they move to cloud-based, SaaS platforms.

“SaaS is changing the way business engages with technology, so it’s becoming increasingly important to offer business consulting services around the technology solutions being deployed,” Hughes said. 

“While lines of business can now purchase SaaS solutions themselves, they may not fully understand how to optimise the benefits of the software once it’s deployed.  This has led to powerful people management solutions being deployed with little or no formal strategy, minimal organisational change management, and insufficient workforce engagement and training to fully leverage the tools at their disposal,” she said.

“So this is where the People practice can add real value to customers. By working side by side with our expert technology teams, the People practice can help our customers achieve a high value-to-cost ratio on their investment.”

The global People practice has four primary competencies led by experienced specialists in the areas of:

·         People Strategy and Talent, specialising in HR and workforce management strategy, talent acquisition, performance management, and workforce analytics and planning.

·         HR Transformation, specialising in the design and implementation of effective HR operating models and processes.

·         Business Transition and Change, specialising in organisational change management, technology adoption, engagement and communications, and transition management.

·         Learning and Collaboration, offering specialist expertise across all aspects of learning strategy, product training, learning management systems and social learning.


According to Deloitte’s survey on Global Human Capital Trends 2015[1], nearly 60% of survey respondents rated HR technology as “important” or “very important,” but 70% claim to have limited or no understanding of its implications. At the same time, HR spending is increasing with nearly 60% of companies planning to increase HR spending in the next year, with much of this spend dedicated to technology.