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Cincom and TalkTactics Announce Call Centre Alliance

Joint agreement for software and consultancy services gives customers the complete picture

The Australia/New Zealand operations of call centre software supplier Cincom has formed a strategic alliance with New Zealand-based TalkTactics International, a call centre consultancy, to provide a total solution for current and prospective call centre customers throughout the ANZ region.

We believe this agreement will offer enhanced business benefits, cost savings and return on investment to our customers, said Paul Hargreaves, Managing Director of Cincom Australia/New Zealand. It means we can address the human side as well as the technology of call centres.

The alliance covers the joint promotion of Cincoms Encompass Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and TalkTactics consultancy and training services.

When we talk with customers about call centre software requirements, we come across needs they have that extend beyond technology, Mr Hargreaves said. Often their environment, office layout, and business processes need to change, or their people need specific training, for their call centre to succeed.

Through the association with TalkTactics, we can offer our customers a complete service that fulfils all of their requirements. Similarly, TalkTactics will be able to offer its consultancy clients a software solution that it feels happy to recommend.

Craig McFadyen, TalkTactics International Managing Director, said that In many of our consulting engagements, we come across issues that technology can help solve. A prime example of this is the way many call centres struggle with flexible scripting in the face of complex enquiries. This can initially be raised as a training issue, however, Cincom software has rules-based, flexible scripting that overcomes these difficulties.

TalkTactics International is New Zealands leading call centre/customer contact centre specialist offering an integrated approach to consultancy, personnel and staff development. It provides internal and external customer contact centre diagnostics, implementation of new and re-engineering of existing customer contact operations, project management and a range of customer service, sales, debt collection and negotiation development programmes.

Mr McFadyen said that the agreement will benefit both organisations customers through an interplay among technology, process and human factors. It will allow clients to tap into a multidisciplinary resource that will give them the confidence that they are operating at optimum levels across all aspects of their call centre.

Both Mr Hargreaves and Mr McFadyen emphasised that with the synergies of the two companies they expect the alliance to provide a strong offering to clients.

Further information is available from Cincom on www.cincom.com and TalkTactics on www.talktactics.com.

About Cincom:
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