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Australian online Light Bulb supplier for your business in Australia

LightOnline Australia remains the best online store for the owners and users of businesses across Australia, thanks to our vast inventory of high quality industrial light bulbs


Light Online Australia remains the best online store for the owners and users of industrial buildings across Australia, thanks to our vast inventory of high quality industrial light bulbs. Here are just a few reasons why Light Online products are held in such high esteem for industrial environments.

Tough and Durable

In most environments, such as a home, office or school, a burnt out or broken light bulb is merely an inconvenience that can be quickly put right, but industrial environments require something tougher.

That’s exactly what you will be provided with when you shop with LightOnline Light Bulbs. Each one of our industrial light bulbs is manufactured with an extra filament to provide additional protection against the extra stresses – such as sharp knocks and heavy vibrations – that are commonly experienced within an industrial environment. This means that each one will typically last for around 3,000 hours, appreciably longer than the average 1,000 hours of a standard incandescent.

Greatly efficient

Our industrial light bulbs have recently become popular among domestic consumers after an Australian lighting standard confirmation rendered the majority of traditional incandescents obsolete. This left industrial premises requiring a reliable alternative. Fortunately, our bulbs meet the established criteria. You’ll be fully compliant and should also notice a significant drop in your overall energy cost.

Vast variety of bulbs

Our range of industrial service light bulbs encompasses candle, globe, GLS and golf ball shapes, with each type available in several sizes:

  • Candle Globes: available in 15mm or 20mm bayonet diameters or 14mm or 27mm screw-in diameters
  • G95 round: available in 27mm or 22mm screw-in diameters
  • GLS bulb: available with a 22mm bayonet diameter or 27mm screw-in diameter
  • Shatter Proof lamps

We also stock a selection of miniature light bulbs for industrial use, including midget groove, bi-pin, telephone slide and sub-midget types, so you’ll always be able to find what you need.

We offer next day dispatch with all of our orders if placed before 12pm (GMT), with flat fee  standard delivery for orders across Australia. With Light Online Bulbs, we supply the best industrial lighting solutions as quickly as possible, so contact one of our team members today to place your order.