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Inovenso, Synthesizing Nanofibres with Electrospinning

John Morris Scientific signs distribution agreement with Inovenso Co.

Inovenso Electro-Spinning  - Smart new materials promise to revolutionise fast-growing industries such as biomedical, water treatment, air filtration, energy and electronics that demand ultra-high performance with exceptional energy efficiency.
Nanofibre creation technology is now available from John Morris Scientific for Australia and New Zealand.

Inovenso Ltd. Co. is a worldwide electrospinning device manufacturer that provides high precision, easy to use and safe electrospinning equipment for nanofibre based research and products. At Inovenso, the “NANOSPINNER” range features unique designs with proven performance to hundreds of worldwide partners. Inovenso designs consider the needs, expectations and future visions of partners and by proactively enhacing strong, efficient and sustainable interactions between researchers, manufacturers and users.

As a leading high-tech material form, nanofibers are finding ever-increasing use in key research areas that will shape a better world. Nanofibre-based products are critical in the development of filtration technologies for gases and liquids; efficient energy technologies; separator membranes for future energy storage devices and as functional fibrous materials for waterproof and breathable fabrics and textiles. They are also gaining importance in biomedical innovation through their use in wound-dressing membranes and as matrix materials for tissue engineering. To this end, Inovenso designs laboratory-scale, pilot-scale and industrial-scale electrospinning equipment that provides essential manufacturing capability for these, and associated materials whilst being committed to the ongoing development of processing facilities that will allow the technology of electrospinning to evolve into new materials, structures and applications. To achieve this, Inovenso actively co-operates with customers to tailor systems that suit their requirements and future directions.

Why Electrospinning and Why Nanofibres? 

The size of an electrospun fiber can be on the-nano scale and the fibres may possess nano-scale surface texture and porosity, leading to different behaviours and interactions compared to equivalent macro scale materials. Ultra-fine fibres produced by electrospinning are expected to have two main properties, a very high surface-to-volume ratio, and a relatively defect-free structure at the molecular level. This first property makes electrospun material suitable for activities requiring a high degree of physical contact, such as providing sites for chemical reactions, or the capture of small sized particulate materials by physical entanglement such as filtration. The second property should allow electrospun versions of materials to approach their theoretical maximum strength, leading to extremely competitive mechanical performance.

Key Applications:

  • High-Tech Textiles
  • Energy storage – Battery Technology
  • Medical – Wound Care
  • Filtration – gas/liquid
  • Protective materials
  • Automotive materials/filters

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