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Banking on a customer experience revolution

3 November 2015

Beyond Bank Australia is pioneering world first technology that is set to transform the way we do our daily banking.

“Gloria” is a teller-assisted service solution that supersedes traditional ATMs by interacting with the bank’s core system to merge many of the transactions that are performed by a teller, online and via self-service, into one assisted service device.

The “Gloria” solution, otherwise known as Glory’s TellerInfinity™, has been introduced in a trial at Beyond Bank’s busy Waymouth St branch in Adelaide. 

Putting the interests of the customer first, Beyond Bank has implemented this solution to reduce in-store queues and improve customer service.  

Developed as a logical progression in branch automation, the TellerInfinity™ solution is based on Glory’s world leading teller cash recycling technology. 

The device seamlessly integrates with branch processes, managing customer transactions more quickly and efficiently, offering a unique balance between technology and that personal touch. A single teller can support one or multiple TellerInfinity™ systems, via a simple tablet device. 

 “It’s applications for the customers are virtually limitless,” said Robert Aitken, Chief Information Officer, Beyond Bank. 

“Cash can be withdrawn in different denominations, coins and cheques can be deposited, money can be transferred within accounts, multiple transactions can occur and limits can even be overridden.

“It is flexibility that we have not seen before in retail banking and because it is not linked to any existing ATM network there are no fees or other hidden charges.”

“With the software that Gloria offers, staff know which customers are at the branch and what they are doing.

“This means they can not only lend their assistance, but with account information readily available, staff can alert customers to other offers and products that will best suit their individual needs.”

Ian Wheeler, Managing Director, GGS Australia commented “Beyond Bank was challenged with decreasing branch operational costs and was the perfect candidate for this technology. It needed a solution that could address its branch costs, still maintain a high level of customer engagement and with the flexibility to integrate into their core banking platform. 

“Assisted service technology will define the future of retail banking and my team & I are delighted to have partnered with Beyond Bank to deliver this solution.”