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Australia’s Care Industry has a New Tool for Care Professionals to Secure Employment

Australia’s Care Industry has a New Tool for Care Professionals to Secure Employment


A new online job site is helping care professionals across Australia find employment and take the next step in their careers. It brings together employers and jobseekers in the care industry, with a particular emphasis on the child care, aged care, in-home care, nursing and disability care sectors.


"The care industry is different to any other major industry in Australia, so it needs a specialised resource that understands the needs of those requiring care and supports its importance in society," says Bec Furraway, the Founder and Director of Qualified Carers.


"By focusing solely on the care industry we are able to offer a specialist, expert-level service that meets the needs of care professionals, particularly those working with children, the elderly, the ill and the disabled."


As well as supporting care professionals the job site benefits employers in the care industry of all sizes, including a broad range of child care centres, aged care facilities, in-home care providers and home help for private households. The objective is simple: to offer jobseekers quality positions within the care industry and to help employers find the right candidates for their vacancies. When this is achieved everyone wins – employers benefit by securing a suitable candidate and the employee secures a position to advance to the next step in their career; and the individuals who rely on the care service receive the best care offered when the right employees are placed in the right positions.


Massive benefits are offered to employers on the Qualified Carers job site with a database comprising of a specific audience of care professionals with qualifications and experience, who are actively seeking work in the care industry. As a result, recruiting and advertising vacancies are highly targeted to this specific audience, generating a better response both in terms of the quantity and quality of applicants.


"Over 1.33 million people work in the care industry in Australia," said Bec. "Given that more people work in the care industry than any other in Australia, and that it is the sixth highest growth industry in the country, the job site has a broad appeal, so we wanted to give these professionals a platform to help them find employment that best suits their skills, schedules and salary expectations.


Qualified Carers is an easy to use job site and career centre, free for jobseekers looking for work within the care industry. Those seeking employment can register on the site and create a professional profile that is viewable by employers who are currently hiring. Jobseekers are also able to search the current vacancies on the job board, and apply for positions they are qualified or experienced in directly to the Employers.


“Because we offer a specialist service, QualifiedCarers.com.au is rapidly growing to become the number one place in Australia for jobseekers to find employment."



For further information contact:

Bec Furraway


Ph: 1300 768 311