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SGI seizes lead in Linux for technical computing

New Optimized Software Environment Thrusts Linux Into Forefront of High-Performance Computing

SGI (NYSE: SGI) today announcedleadership in Linux(r) for technical computing with an optimized Linux software environment that scales to hundreds of Intel(r) Itanium(r) 2 processors, with up to 64 processors in a single Linux node. The company has achieved this feat with an exclusive suite of tools and features designed to maximise performance on the most demanding technical and scientific applications. Offered exclusively for its SGI(r) Altix(tm) 3000 family of servers and superclusters, SGI's software environment also offers a unique capability for Linux clusters?global shared memory across cluster nodes?raising the bar for open source computing and creating the most powerful Intel Itanium 2 processor based computing environment in the marketplace.

A key component of SGI's software suite is SGI ProPack(tm), a new set of high-performance Linux optimisations that enhances overall system scaling, data handling and resource management while maintaining binary compatibility with existing 64-bit Linux applications running on the Intel Itanium 2 processor. Additionally, a complement of SGI(r) filesharing and data migration tools enables technical and creative professionals to optimize workflows and manage their largest and most complex data.

"For the first time, developers can advance beyond any perceived limits of Linux to tackle their most data-intensive problems with high-performance 64-bit solutions on massively scalable, big memory systems," said Jan Silverman, senior vice president for SGI. "With today's news, SGI is enabling an entirely new class of Linux applications."