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ACS Distance Education releases Animal Feed & Nutrition ebook

Understand more about appropriate feed for animals

Animal Feed & Nutrition ebook is out now


ISBN:   978-0-9942948-9-0

Pages: 137

Images: 49

We have released a new ebook called ‘Animal Feed and Nutrition’. This ebook has been written by John Mason and the staff of ACS Distance Education.

The ‘Animal Feed and Nutrition’ ebook has been written to provide the reader with knowledge of animal function relating to diet. It will give a comprehensive guide to the composition of feed with a detailed exploration of types of feeds and how humans work to manage and improve feed supply and production for animal health or, as we see most often in the case of livestock, for financial gain.

This book offers the reader insight into how to effectively and appropriately feed animals in their care with three chapters dedicated to feeding pets, livestock and wildlife. The final chapter is designed to provide information on both eating and nutritional disorders – vital for providing adequate nutrition when feeding animals.


This ebook is now available for purchase for $34.95 including GST from our online bookshop and there is also a free sample available here: