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4Land Property Group Announces New Land Estate: The Retreat in Mandurah

4Land Property Group’s newest in a successful chain of land estates in the Perth area caters to a new market: upmarket buyers.

Perth, WA, 30 November 2015 - 4Land Property Group is an extremely successful developer of land estates in the Perth area. Their strategy has been to identify suburbs that are poised for long term capital growth, find suitable land and develop land estates in those suburbs. They began with affordable properties for young families and helped numerous first home buyers buy their first homes. In fact, their motto is “Land you can afford in places you’d love to live.”

However, they have had numerous enquiries and requests to build a more upscale community and decided they would do just that. They decided to build in Erskine, where they already developed a highly successful land estate for downsizers. Erskine is situated next to Mandurah, only 10 minutes away from the CBD and less than 20 minutes from the Indian Ocean. It is bordered by the Peel Inlet to the east and the Old Coast Road to the west.

Best Upmarket House and Land Packages in the Perth Area?

The Retreat in Mandurah is situated on Marina Quay Drive in Erskine. It is, as it sounds, located adjacent to the Marina Quay in Erskine. The Retreat will be highly exclusive, offering only 32 lots: 16 vacant lots and 16 house and land packages. The location and quality of this estate will be at a premium and 4Land Property Group expects it to sell out very fast.

Erskine has a high proportion of older citizens who are highly successful, making it a natural place for upmarket buyers who want to live in a quiet but friendly neighbourhood. They find Mandurah a great place for amenities and infrastructure. Mandurah has made a transition from a sleepy fishing town into an upscale tourist mecca with a host of water-related activities and tours.

Mandurah has also become a haven for artists of various media, featuring the Mandurah Community Museum, the Stretch Arts Festival, a contemporary art gallery called “Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah or CASM, the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, murals and public art along public art trails.

Tourists and residents alike love the high-quality, eclectic nature of the many cafes in Mandurah.

Madeleine McErlain is the Marketing Manager for 4Land Property Group. According to Ms McErlain:

“We are excited to open yet another in what we hope will continue our long track record of successful land estates in the Perth area. While this is a departure from our normal market of young families looking for affordable, high-quality housing, we look forward to serving upmarket home buyers.”

Ms McErlain concluded: “We developed this estate using the same painstaking research and attention to detail that has been a hallmark of our other successful land estates in the Perth area. We can’t wait to open The Retreat in Mandurah.”

4Land Property Group is a highly successful developer of land estates in Perth suburbs. They currently have eight successful land estates in the Perth area and one in Geraldton. They have announced the opening of two more estates this month. To learn more or to register interest in The Retreat in Mandurah, call Paul Skuse on 0413 686 100 or visit their website: http://www.4land.com.au/.