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Authorised AWS Training Programs Now Available Across ASEAN & Hong Kong

Bespoke Training Services expands to meet rising AWS training requirements

Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong – 10 December 2015 – As the only authorised Amazon Web Services (AWS) training partner for Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, Bespoke Training Services is excited to announce it is extending its technical AWS training programs across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and into Hong Kong.  

“Thanks to increasing cloud adoption and the popularity of the AWS cloud offering, there is a real need for dedicated training resources and technical training experts for the ASEAN & Hong Kong region,” said Trent Rosenthal, CEO, Bespoke Training Services. “In response we are delivering our comprehensive schedule of AWS training courses and workshops, for AWS customers, partners and individual IT professionals.”

Bespoke’s extended regions now ensure coverage throughout Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines from January 2016. For course information and schedules, visit http://www.bespoketraining.com/asean-and-hong-kong.

“In the midst of running a full schedule of AWS training courses in Singapore and across Australia and New Zealand, we have been making investments in our organisation and its’ infrastructure to deliver AWS training in new territories,” said Rosenthal.

Working closely with CEO, Rosenthal, enterprise IT training specialist Gilbert Cheo has been building a sales and operations team based in Singapore, and will lead business development activity across ASEAN and in Hong Kong. 

Organisations moving to or delivering services in the AWS cloud need to ensure their IT personnel are proficient with AWS products and services. Those companies looking to join or maintain their positions in the AWS Partner Network (APN) have training and certification requirements to meet. Bespoke provides support in the form of customised training packages to help AWS customers and partners achieve these goals. 

The AWS training curriculum from Bespoke Training Services is delivered by AWS experts, and begins with introductory AWS Business or Technical Essentials courses. From there the training path follows specific job roles, with courses offered in three main streams: Architecting, Systems Operations and Developing. These courses match with AWS Certification streams, and are valuable building blocks as IT professionals prepare to achieve industry recognition for their skills and expertise. Specialty courses in big data solutions, security and preparing for AWS Certification are also available. For more information: