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Kurt J Lesker ALD 150LX atomic layer deposition system

Announcement posted by John Morris Group 15 Dec 2015

Kurt J. Lesker's  Atomic Layer Deposition system, the ALD 150LX, can operate as a stand-alone or fully integrated cluster tool system.

Typical applications include Nanofabrication, Microelectronics, Optics, MEMS, Semiconductor, Photovoltaics, Photonics, Catalysis & Fuel Cells, Wear Resistance and OLED/Organic electronics.  The ALD-150LX offers full process control, integrated pumping, pressure management and gas delivery packages that can be optimised to suit your specific process.

Features include:Kurt J Lesker ALD150LX Atomic Layer Deposition (Plasma Enhanced) System

  • Proprietary perpendicular flow reactant delivery for short cycle times and efficient reactant utilisation
  • High throughput, centrally pumped for enhanced uniformity and reactant dispersion
  • Expandable LVP, HVP precursor delivery for multiple ALD layer deposition including metals, oxides and nitride layers.
  • Substrate heating to 500°C enables a wide range of ALD research
  • Heated chamber walls, delivery lines and pumping lines to prevent unwanted deposition and increase precursor utilisation.
  • Up to 6” Diameter Wafer (smaller substrates via adaptors)
  • Optional Load Lock
  • Optional Remote Inductively Coupled Plasma Source
  • Fully enclosed framework and stand-alone electronics/control console
  • In-situ monitoring via standard ellipsometry ports.
  • Scalable design allows for easy expansion and cluster tool integration

John Morris Scientific’s factory trained staff will deliver, install and provide onsite user training. Preventative maintenance and extended warranty agreements are also available.

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