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Tiger Turf Nz Have Golf Greens For Home Gardens

For golfing enthusiasts TigerTurf supply low maintenance synthetic golf greens for home gardens, Home golf putting is becoming increasingly popular. As golfing enthusiasts have discovered they can easily convert part of their garden into an all-weather putting green. TigerTurf is committed to providing their customers with high quality short-game practice facilities and the workmanship and design skills of their experienced design and installation team are well respected and appreciated by their many satisfied customers.

Tiger Turf supply true and consistent synthetic golf greens, chipping turfs and driving mats, making an unused area an attractive feature of any garden, transforming unusable areas into a fun golf putting area. One of the biggest advantages of having a synthetic golf green is that they are virtually maintenance free, making for a hassle-free entertainment for family and friends on summer evenings. A Tiger Turf synthetic golf green, with its pristine appearance is perfect as part of a larger landscaping project, embellished with Tiger Turf landscape grass, and incorporating attractive and well placed shrubs and even flowering plants to create a really stunning addition to the garden landscape. Tiger Turf can also create bunkers and other hazards if space is available.

 Tiger Turf’s home garden golf greens are free draining meaning greens can be played in any weather, all year round and require no watering or mowing, so that home golfers can relax and enjoy themselves, knowing that their greens will be consistent at all times.

Tiger Turf have a range of turf styles for chipping and putting.  TigerTurf’s Tiger Putt is a short-pile turf designed to be glued onto hard base surfaces, such as wooden decks, concrete or asphalt and is perfect for mini putt courses. Pure Putt is TigerTurf’s premium short-pile golf turf which is specifically designed for residential golf greens, providing both a true roll and a speed that is ideal for smaller home greens. Very little maintenance is required for their turfs, so golfers can spend more time on their putting game.

Synthetic turf putting greens need far less maintenance than natural turf greens, but, some maintenance will not only improve how the synthetic turf surface plays but will also extend its life span. Maintenance on a putting green is quite minimal and includes keeping greens and fringe clean from leaves, grass clippings and sticks and using TigerGuard on any weeds that may appear. Putting cups should be cleaned to avoid sand and organic material building up.

For more information on Tiger Turf home greens and their maintenance please visit the website at http://www.tigerturf.com/nz .