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Blackdot expands traditional sales offerings into marketing and digital transformation

Blackdot will be launching a range of new products and consulting solutions in 2016 aimed at assisting clients with leveraging digital for lead generation and revenue growth.

The last few years have seen a large build in digital intellectual property for Blackdot, with their traditionally sales-led clients increasingly facing a range of new opportunities and challenges brought about by the new buying environment. Having completed a number of significant projects across financial services, pharma, and industrial sectors; the firm has developed strong capability in leveraging digital for marketing and sales success. A battery of benchmarking data has been collected and has driven the refinement of the key levers and definition of what best practice looks like.

Blackdot’s Director of Products & Marketing, Chris Horn said “This has been a logical evolution for us which has been in the making for quite a while. Everyone is feeling the imperative to adapt to the new B2B buyer - whilst some are underway and others are just getting started, we’re observing that many enterprise-level clients are struggling with the prioritisation and sequencing of what to do next. With our research around what good looks like and operational know-how for getting this moving, we’re really looking forward to supporting our clients into 2016 with realising their digital revenue growth aspirations.”

Key consulting offerings will revolve around complex transformation challenges such as re-organising the business for customer-centricity, aligning marketing and sales models and leveraging new enabling technologies for more closely integrated marketing and sales execution.

In addition, a ‘Digital Revenue Growth Maturity Assessment’ product has recently completed client testing and will be launched in early 2016. This innovative benchmarking product will assess client capability to drive B2B sales and marketing success in the new digital buying environment.