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iBoss helps 'Better Life' deliver mobile solution for disadvantaged Australians

Sydney – 19 January 2016 – iBoss, the industry proven telco aggregation and Business Support and Operation Systems( BSS/OSS) platform has fast-tracked mobile service provider Better Life Mobile to market, enabling them to deliver low-cost mobile phone plans to disadvantaged and low-income Australians.

Working closely with a number of welfare and support agencies across Australia, Better Life Mobile provide affordable and secure mobile plans to customers who are experiencing socio-economic disadvantage.  Using the iBoss platform saved Better Life Mobile the expense of building their own order and service management platform to integrate with their billing platform and mobile network operator (MNO), enabling faster deployment to market for this mobile solution for disadvantaged Australians.
According to Better Life Mobile Co-founders Russel Barnes and Adrian Panozzo, the iBoss platform was selected because it provides an industry-proven service management platform for ordering and service management. The iBoss platform acts as the integration link between Better Life Mobile's billing platform and the carrier’s own systems, fast-tracking the integration and deployment.  Additionally iBoss has successfully worked with the mobile carrier for several years and had a proven track-record of fast-tracking integration solutions to market.
“There was simply no other billing and enablement partner connected with our MNO provider that could have gotten a product to market as quickly and efficiently as iBoss.” Better Life Mobile Co-founders Russel Barnes and Adrian Panozzo said.
The mobile market in Australia is increasingly diversifying, with the entry of supermarket players and specialised start-ups including Better Life Mobile.  The proliferation of organisations from ‘non-Telco’ backgrounds is creating channel opportunities for mobile carriers, but also challenges around integration and deployment to market.  Carrier networks typically provide an access point for resellers, but no ready-to-use retail systems, so new entrants need to either build their own complete platforms – a big CAPEX barrier for most start-ups, or adapt their existing billing systems and find a way to integrate them to the carrier.
The two sides need an intermediary specialist like iBoss that speaks both languages – start-up and the carrier – to fast-track new entrants to market.  This is achieved by providing a flexible, modular solution. New organisations can choose to take up the full end-to-end BSS/OSS solution from iBoss, or use their own billing systems and link it to iBoss’ service management module.
“By partnering with iBoss, Better Life Mobile had predictable CAPEX from the start as well as knowing what their ongoing OPEX will be,” says Rene Sugo, CEO of iBoss parent MNF Group.

About iBoss
iBoss operates an industry-proven, telecommunications aggregation service and BSS/OSS enablement platform. Over a decade of in-house proprietary IP makes iBoss the industry leader in the Australian wholesale enablement market.
With a commitment to facilitating healthy competition in the Australian telecom industry, iBoss delivers carrier agnostic, flexible and scalable solutions connecting emerging and OTT telco providers to Tier 1 carrier networks.
iBoss became part of telecom innovator MNF Group (ASX: MNF) in 2014.
For further information about iBoss please visit: www.iboss.com.au  
About Better Life Mobile
Better Life Mobile ABN 47607567671 uses part of Telstra's 3G network.
Better Life Mobile is a social enterprise that offers affordable, low-cost mobile phone plans to disadvantaged and low-income Australians. The great value, low prices and friendly Aussie based service keep everyday Australians connected without hidden charges and bill shock. 
Better Life Mobile works closely with a number of welfare and support agencies across Australia. They have a history of partnering with nominated representatives in order to provide mobile plans to customers who may not manage their own financial affairs, or require assistance in doing so themselves.

For further information about Better Life Mobile visit: www.betterlifemobile.com.au