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SE Queenslanders swap supermarket blandness for Maleny magic

Locals can now steer clear of bland supermarket steak and butchers’ premium priced cuts, with Maleny Black Angus Beef now delivering Australia’s best grass-fed beef direct to Southeast Queensland families.
Grass-fed beef is highly regarded for its health benefits and better taste. It has less fat and water content, doesn’t shrink as much when cooked and has no antibiotics or growth hormones like in grain-fed beef.
“100% grass fed beef has been shown to be better for us and tastier to eat,” said Sue Menkens, half of the husband and wife team behind the company. “But not all grass-fed beef is the same. Some of the best beef in Australia is raised and processed right here in Maleny.”
Owners Sue and Mark Menkens moved to their Maleny property five years ago and have steadily built a 300 head herd of Black Angus. Advocates for grass-fed beef, the couple has built Maleny Black Angus Beef on a foundation of sustainable and natural farming methods.
The couple has only just begun selling fresh cuts direct to the public through their website but are already delighted by the hunger and enthusiasm for their quality, locally grown and butchered beef.
Sue says there are many reasons why people prefer grass-fed beef over the grain-fed beef found in most supermarkets.
“Grass-fed beef has no antibiotics or growth hormones, so it’s increasingly regarded as safer to eat. This is because conventional feedlot cattle are given growth hormones and grain-feed to promote faster growth,” said Sue.
“Cattle were never meant to eat grain and have difficulty digesting it. To compensate for the value missing from not getting real grass, they’re given grain laced with antibiotics. Sadly, some grass-fed beef is also grain finished. It’s a faster way of fattening up the steer for more profit and quicker turnover.”
Other benefits of grass-fed beef include having higher anti-cancer properties, having more good fats and less saturated and mono-unsaturated fats. Grass-fed beef also doesn’t shrink when cooked due to having less fat and water in the meat. “The rumps and other cuts you buy from the supermarket might look thick and juicy, but as grain-fed beef, they shrink”.
But on top of these, Sue says Maleny Black Angus Beef has two big advantages that might make it the best grass-fed beef in the market.
“Our cattle at Maleny Black Angus are 100% grass-fed, raised on Kikuyu grass and clover, common in the area because of our altitude and rainfall.  Kikuyu is a better feed for cattle than many other grasses in other areas of Australia.  And clover puts nitrogen back into the soil. Our soil is great too because up here it’s volcanic, highly mineralised and very fertile.  We’re really very lucky here!”
She says the cattle also get their diet supplemented with natural minerals and molasses, so the cattle are deemed healthier and the beef tastier and higher in protein.
Consumers can discover the Maleny Black Angus Beef difference, by placing their order at www.malenyblackangusbeef.com.au.  You can buy a whole beast, half, a mixed quarter or a ‘taster’ pack.  It is delivered by refrigerated transport – fresh not frozen – in convenient, meal size, cryovaced portions.
Free home delivery is available to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.
About Maleny Black Angus Beef
Since moving to Maleny five years ago, husband and wife team Mark and Sue Menkens and daughter Jesse have immersed themselves in farm life, building their herd and ultimately their business, Maleny Black Angus Beef which launched to the public in late 2015.
A touring helicopter rescue pilot and the grandson of a once prominent Brisbane butchering family, Mark Menkens grew up around cattle and later spent several years on Queensland cattle stations. He discovered helicopters through his work mustering cattle, which led to flying helicopters in East Timor, Tasmania and the Torres Strait, and now for RACQ CareFlight.
When Mark is away saving lives every second week, his wife and business partner Sue Menkens runs the business, utilising her sales and marketing expertise gained throughout her career in the optical and real estate industries.
Maleny Black Angus Beef is one of 50 members of the newly formed Food and Agribusiness Network (foodagribusiness.org.au). For more information, visit www.malenyblackangusbeef.com.au
Media Contacts:  Margot Furlonger, Holy Mackerel Group (PR), mobile 0422 548 323, email margot@holymackerel.com.au
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