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Integrated Business Intelligence for travel agents now available

Tramada announces availability of tramada® connect BI

SYDNEY – February 2016 – Tramada Systems, Australia’s leading travel management solution provider, announces its seamlessly integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solution, tramada® connect BI. 

tramada® connect BI is the only integrated BI solution that enables travel agencies to report on their client data in real time, customise their own reports and share these reports with their clients. 

Jo O’Brien CEO Tramada Systems says, “Our early adopters are reporting that they see massive time savings particularly around quarterly reviews and end of year reporting. Agencies can let their clients view and interact with their own reports. Agencies can service their own ad hoc reporting needs by customising standard reports or creating their own dashboards.  This means they don’t have to wait to get the information they need. Immediate access to real time business information creates a point of differentiation. Just what the travel industry has been looking for.”

Georgina Byrt, Managing Director, Sanford Travel says, “There is no other product that does what tramada® connect BI does, in that, it operates within the tramada® environment seamlessly accessing system data in real-time. We see benefits in improved data integrity, significant time savings with client reporting and improved client relations and service differentiation by being able to provide valuable insights into our clients own data.”

Data visualisation within tramada® connect BI helps expose variances and trends in travel booking data with over 40 chart types. Personalised & interactive dashboards display business information in real time including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For further analysis, tramada® Connect BI users can drill down from a chart or dashboard into the underlying system data.

Justine Beguely, Sales Manager, Gilpin New Zealand says, “tramada® connect BI provides our clients with timely data insights into their business’ performance. Our clients are enjoying being able to explore and interact with their data, which has been transformed into meaningful visual reports. Implementing tramada® connect BI has been rapid and hassle free due to its integration within the tramada® environment and with the professional consulting and support from Tramada.” 

tramada® connect BI is available as an additional module for existing Tramada customers.


About Tramada Systems
Tramada Systems is an industry leader in automation of the travel booking process realising better business performance for travel agencies of any size. Our solutions are proven to massively increase consultant productivity, efficiency and accuracy.
We manage all financial transactions, client data and document production for an agency. We put that knowledge to work with targeted reporting and a fully integrated Business Intelligence system that puts control back in the hands of decision makers. 
tramada® is the engine room powering the most successful travel businesses in Australia and New Zealand.  www.tramada.com