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Ethical Timber Suppliers in Brisbane Fight Global Warming

Narangba Timbers reveals why they are so committed to ethical and sustainable harvesting of timber and why other timber suppliers in Brisbane should be, too.

Brisbane, QLD, 10 February 2016 - At Narangba Timbers, they are committed to the ethical and sustainable harvesting of timber. As timber suppliers who serve the Brisbane area, they feel it is their responsibility to ensure that all of their products are ethically and sustainably sourced.

According to owner Jack Kyle, “It is important not only to our own generation, but future generations of Australians that we take care of one of our most abundant resources: our forests. A lot of people don’t realise how vital the forests are to our lifestyle and our survival as a species. Forests not only provide many of the materials we use for building and the production of paper, they also reduce global warming and produce the oxygen we need to breathe.”

What is Responsible Forestry?

Responsible forestry is the ethical harvesting of timber. It is the only sustainable way to harvest timber. Trees are cut down after they have matured and are replaced by newly planted trees. Those trees are then allowed to grow to maturity.

Why is Sustainable Harvesting Important?

When a tree begins to grow, it does so by turning the carbon in CO2 into timber and leaves. The leaves act as the tree’s “lungs,” “breathing” air, using the carbon atoms to build itself and releasing the oxygen back into the environment. When humans and other animals breathe, they do the opposite: they use the oxygen and release carbon back into the air as CO2.

The more trees there are in relation to humans and animals, the more oxygen we have to breathe. Conversely, a lower ratio of trees to humans and animals produces less oxygen and more CO2. Global warming is a direct result of a change in the ratio of CO2 to oxygen in the environment. This fact is so accepted in the scientific community that damage to the environment is now determined by our “carbon footprint,” or the amount of carbon we release into the environment.

When trees are growing, they are storing carbon in the form of timber and releasing the oxygen into the environment. When they reach maturity, their metabolism slows and they don’t store carbon at nearly the rate as a younger tree.

When a mature tree is cut and replaced by a young tree, the process starts over again and the new tree starts storing carbon at a faster rate than the mature tree did. While the carbon from the old tree is stored in the timber products that are then made out of the old tree, the new tree is busy storing new carbon and releasing more oxygen.

Mr Kyle concludes: “At Narangba Timbers, we are fully committed to responsible forestry and sustainable harvesting. It is crucial to our future that all timber suppliers, in Brisbane and across the world, display the same commitment.”

Narangba Timbers is a family-owned business. They are proud to be ethical timber suppliers. They serve Brisbane and the surrounding area. They offer a full range of Australian and imported timbers for building projects of all sizes and shapes, from timber decking to large, multi-unit buildings. To learn more or to speak with their professional customer service team, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: http://www.narangbatimbers.com.au/.