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5-Day iOS Training Workshop To Be Organized By Teks Mobile Sverige In May

Teks Sweden will be organizing a five-day iOS workshop, during the second week of May. Interactive classes, live demonstrations, coding basics and a lot more will be deliberated in detail at the event.

Over the last couple of quarters, Teks Mobile Sverige has consolidated its position as one of the leading mobile app companies in Europe. The agency, under the leadership of Maria Thyselius Bergstrom, is currently looking to provide relevant app development training and support to anyone interested to take this up as a profession. Towards that end, Teks Mobile Sverige has decided to host iOS-Con 2016, a 5-day interactive iOS workshop.

The inaugural edition of iOS-Con will be held at Kistmassan Torshamnsgatan 18, from the 9th to the 13th of May. According to a well-placed source from within the company, 20 delegates (at the iOS and Android events each) and guest speakers - each of them experts in the field of iOS app development - are expected to attend the event. Invites have already been started to be handed out, and the Teks team is hoping that the event would help in expanding the community of iOS developers in Sweden further.

In an exclusive interview, Ms. Bergstrom elaborated on the lineup of activities that will feature in iOS-Con 2016. The first day will start off with basic introductions of iPhone/iPad applications and the Xcode tool. Following a brief session on application life cycle, the discussions will move on to programming topics - from variables and function declarations, to classes and naming conventions. Storyboarding and the use of Interface Builder will be touched upon later.

Aspiring iOS app developers and graphic designers will be provided a first-hand feel of various UI controls on day 2 of the workshop. Enums, Completion handlers and the structure & usage of app folders will be touched upon next, followed by XML and JSON parsing-related discussions. More involved topics, like ScrollView and TableView, have been scheduled for the next day, along with tabbar, split and navigation controllers. iPhone app and game developers will get an idea about animation and UI dynamics on the same day.

The final two days of iOS-Con will be dedicated to several other pertinent topics for making mobile apps on the iOS platform. The guest speakers will be sharing their knowledge about stuff like APIs, CocoaPods, iCloud, Core Data, UI design patterns and over-the-air (OTA) deployment of apps. Special sessions have also been set aside for deliberating on debugging/mobile app testing, as well as the best practices for agile development.

Ms. Bergstrom and her team of mobile app developers are clearly focusing on making the training workshop as beneficial as possible for attendees. Before rounding up things on each day of the event, there will be a one hour ‘Review and Q&A’ session. As the head of Teks Mobile Sverige reiterated, it is vital to ensure that everyone at the workshop managed to learn - and learn correctly - all the nitty-gritty of iOS app development.

The attractions of this well-planned iOS training workshop are not limited to only wannabe iPhone/iPad app developers. Corporate attendees will get ample peer-to-peer networking opportunities at the event. App coders who attend the event will also be provided free troubleshooting support for three months. iOS-Con 2016 is expected to witness a large contingent of overseas visitors too. Interested students from leading tech universities in Sweden will also be present at the show in large numbers. The registration fee for the workshop is $3000 (SEK 20000 approx), and registrations can be done online.

For more details about iOS-Con 2016, visit http://www.teksmobile.se/utbildning/ios-workshop.php. If you have any queries, drop in an email to info@teksmobile.se. This workshop is an wonderful endeavour on the part of Teks Mobile Sverige, and it has all the makings of a resounding success!