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OptiFlash Small Scale Flash Point Analyser by PAC

Announcement posted by John Morris Group 29 Mar 2016

John Morris Scientific is proud to announce the PAC Herzog OptiFlash Small Scale representing 50 years of knowledge and precise refinement in automated flash point measurement. It's designed to absolutely fit today’s requirements of user convenience, quality and safety. OptiFlash Small Scale uses very low volume samples to accurately detect flashpoints for petroleum products, biodiesels, solvents and chemicals, while complying to the leading global standards such as ASTM D3828, ISO 3679 and ASTMD7236 (Ramp Method).OptiFlash Small Scale by PAC Herzog

With the OptiFlash’s intuitive user interface and built-in automation, users can now easily start a test by just following the instructins on the screen and get a result within 3 to 4 minutes. The very low required sample volume of only 2 or 4 ml can be easily injected with a syringe or pipette. The OptiFlash Small Scale models can detect flashpoints from -30°C to 300°C.

Soovo Sen, PAC’s VP of Engineering explains “The OptiFlash Small Scale is the latest addition to our OptiFlash product family, which also contains Optiflash Pensky MartensOptiFlash Tag and OptiFlash Abel. They all follow the utmost quality and safety standards”.


Built in fire extinguisher:

  • Ultra fast optical fire detector
  • Fire detection in extended range around test cup
  • External inert gas (CO2, N2...) connection

Detect “Flash” outside the cup:

  • Test aborted with warning message
  • Closing the shutter stops the flame
  • No need to activate fire extinguisher

Safety monitoring system:

  • Safety pre test interval to avoid fire
  • Over heating protection


Fast flash/no flash test:

  • Test at 50°C in 4 minutes
  • Test at 100°C in 5 minutes
  • Test at 0°C in 5 minutes

Built-in quality control (QC) functions:

  • Automatic QC procedure with QC chart on the instrument screen for trend monitoring
  • Calibration monitoring of the Pt100 and pressure sensor remind user if recalibration is necessary
  • Automatic diagnostic help maintenance team in case of instrument failure


No need for the user to handle Pt100, Flash Point Sensor, Ignitor and Shutter Drive

Straightforward user interface:

  • Easy sample ID input with alpha numeric keypad
  • Option to enter user name, sample description or a note
  • Get Pass/Fail display by defining Min and Max values for the flash point result for the different products
  • Supports multiple languages


  • 2 or 4 ml samples
  • Sample injection with syringe
  • Flash point is determined with one sample injection

Please read our PAC OptiFlash Small Scale brochure

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