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How to Get Your Car Sold Today? An opportunity from Metro Car Removal

Metro Car Removal offer an instant way to sell your vehicle, paying cash on the day they remove the vehicle.

1. Give us a call at 02 8677 8260. Our vehicle appraisers also offer quotes over the phone.

2. Provide us with a complete description of your vehicle. We will request the:
• Make
• Model
• Age
• Condition
• Vehicle Identification Number

Our vehicle appraisers’ offer cash quotes on all make and models of a vehicle no matter what their condition. We do request that you be as descriptive as possible when providing us with the condition of your vehicle to ensure a fair cash offer.

3. Accept or reject our offer. Once we receive your description, we will provide you with a fair cash offer for your vehicle. Should you accept, we then move to next step.

4. Schedule a free car removal. Metro Car Removals offers free car removals to any suburb in Sydney.

5. Remove the plates from your vehicle. Gather your title of ownership (if you are no longer in possession of your title, please let our vehicle appraiser know this at the time of your call, so that they can offer other options), gather your Photo ID.

6. Have your vehicle in an area where our car removal specialists can easily inspect and remove the vehicle.

7. Count your cash.

Selling your vehicle to Metro Car Removal takes about an hour out of your afternoon, and you will have instant cash for cars payment on your used, scrap, accident, wrecked, new high or low mileage, fire, flooded and salvage one.

Web: www.metrocarremoval.com.au/