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Travelher.org launches Mother’s Day writing contest

Calling on all travel-loving moms and daughters to share a story


Travelher.org is calling upon all the travel-loving ladies out there – and their moms – to write a travel story that is special to them as it relates to their mother-daughter bond.

Please share a story about what travel means to you in the context of either being a mom yourself or special memories of your own mother. This could be an incident or trip that really stands out to you, lessons learned, a great holiday with your family, etc. There really are no rules except that the story is important to you in some way – any significant memory or emotion that relates to the momma-daughter relationship and travel. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece – we will tweak it for grammar and style. [Full instructions on the website]

All stories that meet standard criteria will be published on the Travelher Stories webpage and three lucky winners will be awarded with fabulous travel accessories.

As a website that is dedicated to celebrating and encouraging travel addiction in women everywhere, the three co-founders – Natalie from Germany, Meghan from Canada and Jess from New Zealand – feel this contest is the perfect way to bring mothers and daughters together this Mother’s Day.

“Since Travelher started, we have felt so much girl power coming our way in the stories that have already been told. Nothing pleases us more than to be able to share that kind of feeling with the world,” says Jess. “Mother’s Day is a really important day for women and we want to celebrate.”

Not yet mothers themselves, they all have special travel memories with their moms and each will write their own story for the week leading up to Sunday, May 8.

“Our moms have been so supportive of us in the process of creating this website. We’ve really been so lucky that they’ve been there to cheer us on,” Natalie said, adding how grateful she feels to be able to spend more time with her mother now that she is living back in Europe after 5 years abroad.

“Absolutely, my mom is literally my biggest fan,” adds Meghan who has also been living away from home for the last several years. “She likes and comments everything to do with Travelher on social media. My friends know her as that and of course you could get uptight about the ‘public displays of parental affection’ but I’m just happy she cares. Even if no one else reads it in the whole wide world, I know my mom will.”

The three women will be thrilled to receive your story of motherly love and share it with their growing community of Travelhers around the world.

To learn more about the simple entry requirements, and make your submission, please visit the Travelher in Training submission page for full details.