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Hip Ambassador, Volleyroo Olympian Harrison, Highlighting Awareness of Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia; Developmental dysplasia of the hip

Volleyroo Olympian Harrison Peacock has joined the cause, to raise awareness of developmental dysplasia of the hip, by becoming an ambassador for Healthy Hips Australia.

Harrison is all too familiar with this debilitating condition. In 2014 Harrison had to take time out from volleyball for major surgery to correct hip dysplasia in both his hips.

In July 2013 Harrison had his first major hip operation and reflected on this in the blog he kept stating “a year ago today I was in London playing against GB at the Olympics…our first win. I definitely didn’t think that a year later I would be having major surgery on both hips!

Harrison’s surgeon had described his condition as being “some of the worst hip dysplasia he had ever seen”. Returning to the volleyball court was going be a long a difficult road, but Harrison made it.

When founder and chairperson of Healthy Hips Australia, Sarah Twomey, approached Harrison regarding the Ambassador role, he was pleased to hear people were still getting something out of his blog.
“I am happy to be helping raise awareness of hip dysplasia and support this a cause that I am all too familiar with said Harrison in his new role as Ambassador.

Sarah approached Harrison after coming across his blog and knew straight away he’d be the perfect fit “Health Hips Australia is thrilled to have Harrison on board and just in time for Healthy Hip Week,” said Sarah adding, “Healthy Hips Australia is working to increase hip dysplasia awareness, education and support by providing expert resources and support services”. 

Sarah wants to see this hip condition on the agenda for all “hip dysplasia is more common than many people realise, and if not picked up in infancy it can require surgery to correct".

Sarah adds "If left untreated it can lead to chronic pain, arthritis and the need for total hip replacements”.

Healthy Hip Week will run from Sunday 10 to Saturday 16 April. To find out more visit www.healthyhipsaustralia.org.au