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Top-Rated Time Tracking App Launches Scheduling

Companies who track employee time with TSheets can now plan their work rosters from the same system.

In response to growing customer demand, Sydney-based TSheets has today launched a significant upgrade to its market-leading time tracking system with the release of new job-scheduling and shift-scheduling features.

Called TSheets Scheduling, the upgrade has been designed specifically with the construction, retail, healthcare, and service-based industries in mind and is available now to anyone who uses TSheets to track employee time. The upgrade is free for 14 days and then costs just $2 extra a month per active employee with an annual subscription.

The new feature is also expected to be popular among accountants and bookkeepers.

"Accountants and bookkeepers need to keep a tight work schedule, just like any other business,” explains Clayton Oates, founder of QA Business, an IT consultancy firm that helps small businesses. “But many of them underestimate the hours they will spend with each client, which can cost them money. The thing I like about TSheets Scheduling is that you can compare the hours you planned to work against how long you actually did. This process provides valuable insights to any business, particularly professional service firms that are transitioning to fixed and value based pricing models.”

He adds, “TSheets Scheduling is a great example of a technology solution enhancing business efficiency and performance.”

Tim Hoopmann, CEO of Cornerstone Bookkeeping, says he looks forward to incorporating TSheets Scheduling into his own practice. “I love coming across new technology that makes it easier to run a business,” he says. “We recently started using TSheets for time tracking and it’s already saving us money on lost hours and better productivity, so I’m excited to see what this new scheduling feature could do.”

Scheduling has been one of the most requested features by TSheets customers in recent months and the company has been quick to respond.

“We want to be the number one employee rated and requested time tracking and scheduling solution on the planet,” explains company CEO, Matt Rissell. “And the best way we can achieve that is to listen to our customers. This new feature has the potential to revolutionise the way managers, especially ones with mobile employees, lead their teams.”

Companies that use TSheets Scheduling will have all their essential workforce data in one place: from detailed time records to who is on the clock right now and where they will be working next week. Used alongside TSheets’ Who’s Working feature—which shows every employee’s location on a single map—it could transform dispatch operations overnight.

TSheets Scheduling will also help managers everywhere to get the best out of their teams by keeping every employee connected to the company’s latest schedule and alerting them to any last-minute changes as soon as they are made.

“We’re using the scheduling feature to help us plan a rolling rotation of Saturdays,” explains Dan Power from Brisbane-based A1 Appliances. “It helps us plot out whose turn it is to work a Saturday shift so everyone knows who’s working each weekend and, if they need to make plans, they can either find a replacement or plot the shifts around them. It’s been working really well.”

About TSheets

Every .75 seconds, somewhere in the world, an employee clocks in using TSheets’ time tracking software. Thousands of companies in more than 100 countries trust our online timesheet technology, which now includes a sophisticated job and shift scheduling system. Employees track time using a computer, mobile phone, GPS-enabled app, Twitter, phone calls, and more—with clock in/out punch card or manual timesheet flexibility. Managers can schedule shifts, projects, jobs, and appointments with their team and share their latest work rosters in seconds. This adds up to make TSheets the #1 employee rated and requested time tracking software on the planet—now with scheduling too.

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QA Business is a specialist independent IT consultancy firm that is focused on improving business systems, productivity and performance for small business owners and operators, software consultants, bookkeepers and accountants.

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Cornerstone Bookkeeping specialises in streamlining the bookkeeping and financial processes for sole traders and small-medium businesses, allowing them to access their data online anytime, anywhere, from any device.