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How investment managers can use the social web as part of their due diligence checks

Sydney, 18th April, 2016: It’s a question that the Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) aims to answer at a forthcoming workshop on tapping the benefits of the social web.

How do investors in Australia use the social web to gain insights into candidates for their funds? 

What signals are there in the social web to provide the data so much in demand by investment managers? 

Most importantly, how might investment managers in Australia use the social web to gain an edge, to spot that next potential investment superstar?

The AVCAL event is being led by Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Australian social analytics and activations company DIGIVIZER, and is for general partners actively involved on boards, management teams of portfolio companies, portfolio company management teams, corporate advisors and investment marketing professionals.

Quotes from Emma Lo Russo, CEO, DIGIVIZER

“The social web should now be central to those looking to assess which investments are worth considering, the key personnel involved, how they and the value they bring are viewed by the market, and how to communicate better, and more quickly, with investors. The social web can close due diligence gaps - by helping investors in the evaluations they need to make - across investment choices, sentiment expressed about those candidate companies,  audits of key executives, and in assessing the broader market.”

“The social web is a rich source of insights into potential investments, market opportunities, and community and business comment about individual companies and sectors. In short, the social web is rich in value for investment managers. Yet many seem to be either inactive themselves, or not active in seeing the value.”

“Those investment managers who engage in social channels, who use today’s sophisticated real-time technology to understand the key conversations taking place about organizations in which they are interested, will take the lead. And in the investment world, being first, with the best knowledge, counts most.”

Quotes from Yasser El-Ansary, CEO of AVCAL

“Providing value-added education for our members is high on AVCAL’s agenda to allow the next generation of leaders in the private equity and venture capital industry to acquire the skills they need to succeed.  Social analytics is something that should be informing strategy in organizations.” 

“We are pleased to be offering the AVCAL ‘Focus on Social Media for Directors’  program to our members and other industry participants, and to be working with DIGIVIZER, one of Australia’s leading social analytics technology companies, to deliver another level of expertise.”

The workshop 'AVCAL Focus on Social Media for Directors' takes place in Sydney on 29th April and is open to AVCAL members and non-members. Details at http://www.avcal.com.au/events/event/avcal-focus-on-social-media-for-directors.


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