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Aussie Solar Car Startup to Unveil the Future of Transport in Germany

Announcement posted by EVX Pty Ltd 20 Apr 2016

EVX Ventures CEO, Barry Nguyen, to present at IdTechEx Expo, Berlin 2016

April 19th, 2016 by Byron Lee

Barry Nguyen, CEO of world leading solar car startup, EVX Ventures, will travel to Berlin, Germany this April to present groundbreaking perspectives on the future of transport at the IdTechEx Show. The Immortus Solar Sports Car is a platform for developing new electric vehicle technologies that will eventually be implemented in affordable mass produced vehicles. The IdTechEx Show is the world’s largest end-user focused technology tradeshow event, and has a component dedicated to Electric Vehicles and E-mobility, which will attract over 2500 industry delegates.

About EVX Ventures

EVX Ventures is working together with Swinburne University of Technology’s leading electric vehicle R&D group in the quest to build the world’s first road-legal solar sports car, the Immortus. At Swinburne, EVX leverages the expertise of engineers with decades of experience in building and racing solar cars in the World Solar Challenge. Electric Vehicle Expert and EVX CTO, Dr Clint Steele, leads a team of over 40 engineers on this exciting journey.

EVX remains on the cutting edge of Electric Vehicle and E-mobility technology, looking beyond the current trend of plug-in vehicles. Barry and EVX Ventures are recognized as an international authority on energy independent vehicles (EIVs), which require no power sources external to the vehicle.

See the video summary of EVX Ventures and the Immortus Solar Sports Car on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iWAQmo4eNc

EVX entered the global media spotlight in August 2015 in major media publications such as Forbes[1] and Fast Company[2], leading up to an appearance at the SEMA Show In Las Vegas (the world’s largest automotive speciality parts tradeshow), and meetings with key contacts in Silicon Valley, drawing praise and recognition from potential customers and business partners within the automotive industry.


EVX Ventures, through its lean approach, continues to break new ground despite being born in the highly conservative local Australian business climate, which has in the last six months struggled to embrace initiatives by new Prime Minister (and former venture capitalist) Malcolm Turnbull to encourage greater innovation and local startup activity[3]. 

A primary concern has been the government’s apparent focus on the digital tech sector at the expense of other industries, whereas EVX’s acknowledgement of local key competencies has enabled it to leverage the strength of Melbourne’s expertise as a previous auto manufacturing powerhouse.

“Economist Stephen King says innovation needs to capitalise on the existing Australian economy. 

"Driverless cars are all the rage in Silicon Valley ... it is not particularly an Australian issue. But a huge benefit would be long-range, high-speed, driverless truck convoys," he says.”

- Sydney Morning Herald, April 2016

EVX expects to utilise the Immortus as a platform for developing key range-extension technologies, which would benefit commercial fleets and mass-produced vehicles. An example of this is the EVX Hybrid Retrofit Kit, which is being developed as an aftermarket performance component that can be installed in existing vehicles to reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and increase range.

The Electric Vehicle Industry

With the recent media excitement surrounding the Tesla Model 3, which has neared an unprecedented 400,000 pre-sales[4], there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the electric vehicle industry, as public demand for electric vehicles soars.

“It delivers a message to the industry that there’s incredible demand for great electric vehicles out there”

- Diurmund O’Connell, Tesla Vice-President[5]

With the rise to prominence of electric vehicles in the media, it seems inevitable that EVs will eventually supersede petrol-powered ICEs (Internal Combustion Vehicles) as the dominant mode of personal vehicle transport in the future.

“In Europe, the market share of EVs including BEVs, PHEVs, and E-REVs, is expected to represent the lion’s share of the market by 2040 in terms of drive technologies compared to internal combustion engines (ICE), fuel cells, and other alternative fuels.”

- “The Electric Vehicle Challenge”, Accenture[6]

The Birth of Energy Independent Vehicles

EVX and the Immortus Solar Sports Car appears as a premiere example of an energy independent vehicle in the IdTechEx market research report "Future Powertrains 2016-2036", which foresees the eventual transition of vehicle powertrains from current ICE (Internal Combustion Engines), HEV (Hybrid Electric) and EV (pure electric) to energy independent vehicles (EIV). This report is summarised in a recent article by technology website Smart2zero.com:     

"EIVs may be headed to a multibillion dollar business in 10-15 years, according to IDTechEx, mimicking the EIV airships and planes that stay aloft for 5-10 years, already the subject of billions of dollars investment by NASA, Facebook, Google etc. today.

EIV powertrain impact will be huge from enabling the developing world and remote communities to defense. EIV land vehicles could be a $250bn business in 20-30 years, according to the new report."

- Smart2zero.com[7]

EVX hopes to capitalize on this burgeoning market opportunity, having taken the advantage of being a first-mover and leader in the field of EIVs. The EVX team is currently focused on raising capital and developing a prototype of the Immortus, projected for completion within the next 12 months.

The IdTechEx Show promises to be an entry point into establishing new networks and links for EVX in European markets, as the EVX team attends a European business event for the first time. This important event will without doubt build on the momentum gained from important feedback and market validation received during the EVX team's recent trip to the SEMA Show and Silicon Valley in the USA in November 2015.


For more information, and the latest images of the Immortus Solar Sports Car, please contact EVX Ventures Chief Communications Officer, Byron Lee, via email at byron@evxventures.com

EVX is on the web:

Website – www.EvxVentures.com

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