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Just Water Supporting 'Water Only' Schools

Auckland is very fortunate to have Tony Falkenstein becoming involved in the ‘water only’ schools project. Tony is an Auckland based entrepreneur, philanthropist and Chief Executive at Just Water International Limited and Just Water pioneered the delivery of chilled drinking water to businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia, and remain New Zealand's leading supplier of drinking water to the corporate sector.

Just Water has been supporting schools that have become ‘water only’ schools and run a healthy living programme. Yendarra School has run a programme for over five years and, together with the community, have taught parents how to provide healthy lunches that cost far less than unhealthy ones.  The kids are advocates of water, and have a hatred for Coke and other sugar loaded soda waters, and this is where Tony and Just Water come in with their water coolers.

Being a ‘water only’ school, combined with healthy food and daily exercise is reflected in the happy tone that permeates the Yendarra School classrooms and playground, with the water only policy being adopted after suggestions from the staff. The water was having other benefits as well. Visitors had commented on how calm the environment was and one student had said her classmates "did not get so high".

On other matters ‘water’, this summer has been one of the hottest on record and also one of the busiest for water companies, with the hot humid weather contributing to a 40% increase in sales of water to businesses and homes. As Tony says, even the CEO had to deliver water the week before Christmas.

Just Water’s range of water coolers suit any office environment or workplace with flexible rental or purchase options to meet their customers’ needs. People can choose from Plumbed–in Water Coolers, Bottled Water Delivery or Easy Fill Options. With the Plumbed-in Water Coolers, the connection to the mains water supply is easy, non-permanent and eliminates the water bottle altogether and customers remark it’s just like having a pure water spring in their office!

Bottled Water Delivery provide high quality, great tasting water delivered direct to the doorstep and is an easy way to care for customers and keep staff hydrated and productive with three crisp, refreshing waters to choose from. Easy Fill is the portable, inexpensive way to transform our tap water into crystal clear, spring-like drinking water. Just Water provide their customers with a cooler and filter that attaches to the tap so people can easily refill their bottles.

So, if you think your employees would benefit from pure drinking water from Just Water in the office, please visit the website at http://www.justwater.co.nz