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SEND, the leading-edge Enterprise Communication Solution is launched at CeBit 2016

Brisbane – 21 April 2016– As SEND Software’s APAC Regional Distributor, Service Quality is pleased to announce the launch of the SEND Enterprise Communication Software at CeBit 2016, both as a stand-alone solution or as a mApp specifically designed to integrate with Cherwell Service Management.

 The SEND solution revolutionises the way organisations communicate, but also increases productivity and reduces costs. The mApp version of SEND is a next generation enterprise communication software that has been developed to fully integrate with Cherwell Service Management for which Service Quality is also the APAC Regional Distributor.

SEND is a game-changing communications solution that easily and precisely ensures the right people know when something affects them or their work. Most organisations still rely on email to communicate service outages and find this method is unreliable and inefficient. Email distribution lists require ongoing maintenance. More importantly, they do not reflect the users of specific applications, websites and devices. When organisations take a shotgun approach by sending blanket emails, this approach creates ‘noise’ to all those unaffected people.

 “This is how SEND is different and unique,” says Ben Mears, Managing Director at Service Quality. “SEND allows users to instantly and easily send a notification to the affected users of an outage, and only to those affected users, while also providing key stakeholders and management with valuable information such as what system and how many users are impacted and who the incident manager is. Furthermore, he adds, “The beauty with SEND is that you eliminate all the unnecessary notifications to unaffected users. With SEND, you can target notifications to particular user groups based on their country, office, business unit, manager, usage of applications, websites, devices or any combination of these.”

 SEND also allows users to fully automate the notifications for scheduled outages. SEND users are able to fully manage their customers’ expectations from the onset of a planned or unplanned outage until final resolution by issuing warnings, statuses and expiries. Users will not only be notified during and prior to outages, but will also be kept informed as the outage is underway and alerted as soon as it’s over. Ben Mears emphasises that the huge benefit with SEND is “The fact that SEND allows application users to manage their time, schedule their work and access the respective application as soon as the outage is resolved, which brings about really substantial increases in satisfaction and productivity in organisations, especially if you also consider the elimination of unnecessary support calls, data corruption as well as the overall reduction in support costs.”

 Additionally, organisations can potentially reduce costs even more because SEND provides valuable real time licensing statistics, allowing them to better evaluate their licensing requirements based on real, actual usage. As Ben Mears points out, “Organisations can potentially significantly reduce their licensing costs by eliminating unnecessary licenses.”

 About Service Quality

As the APAC Regional Distributor for SEND and Cherwell, Service Quality is an innovative leader and supplier of choice, delivering ‘best in class’ service management solutions and customer service in Business Process Design, Technical Consultancy, Implementation, Training and Support. Service Quality helps customers build their platform for success through cost-effective management and IT solutions.