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Cost Effective Rubbish Removals in Melbourne

All Trash OZ Rubbish Removals have the Expertise & Solution to Clean up and Remove your Unwanted Junk

We are a professional Rubbish Removal company in Melbourne that gives rubbish removal a fresh take. At All Trash OZ, any job, large or small is our expertise.  We are a Rubbish Removal Service that offers:

·         Domestic / Household Waste Disposal and Collection

·         Builders Waste

·         Commercial Waste

·         Industrial Waste

·         Recycling

·         Small Demolitions

Just the great service of our equipment, and our men to get your job done. Your unwanted junk is nothing to us at All Trash OZ, just the service we provide.  We offer an honest & reliable quote over the phone and through our website and guarantee there will be no hidden fees or surprises.  Just a straight up solution

As experts in the industry, it is our business to help our customers to keep their costs down.  We offer rubbish removal service that is cost effective.  We assure you that we don't arrive late, and provide a thorough description of our pricing over the phone.  We also contact our customers, at least, a half hour before we arrive to ensure that they are ready to have our men get to work. We also recycle as much as possible, helping you to keep the costs of your removal down, and the environment green. 

Your place will be spotless after our hire as our Melbourne rubbish men aren't just good with their muscles loading your rubbish, but also with the broom, cleaning up your rubbish area after the rubbish has been loaded.  Once your rubbish is loaded onto our truck, our men will do a thorough sweep up & blower leaving your place spotless.