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Austmine-METS Ignited Agreement to Strengthen METS Sector

Austmine-METS Ignited agreement to strengthen METS sector

The Australian METS sector has been strengthened by the signing of a collaboration agreement between the two key organisations committed to improving the competitive positioning of the Australian mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

Austmine, the leading industry body for METS, and METS Ignited, the Industry Growth Centre for the sector, have struck an agreement which sets out ways for the organisations to collaborate and leverage greater efficiencies for the growth and development of Australian METS.

Austmine and METS Ignited have already forged a close working partnership, and the agreement underpins key principles of the relationship and provides a framework under which activities will take place.

Importantly, as well, it reaffirms both parties’ shared mission of strengthening Australia’s position as the global innovation hub for METS and enhancing the global competitive position of the Australian METS sector.

The work undertaken as a result of the agreement will be a critical step towards a more unified industry that strives to sustain and boost the sector’s global competitive edge.

The collaboration agreement is focused on leveraging knowledge, partnering on strategic initiatives, and harnessing combined networks to drive collaboration across METS, mining, research and Government.

Over the next month, Austmine and METS Ignited will develop a work plan which will outline specific activities, roles and shared responsibilities.

Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO of Austmine said: “This collaboration agreement represents an important step forward for Australian METS. We are thrilled Government has recognised the sector’s importance to the Australian economy and there is now a sharp focus on ensuring its sustainability into the future. Working together we will be able to tackle some of the challenges faced by the global mining industry, and help to accelerate great ideas, create world class technologies and foster leading edge innovations.

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, Chair of METS Ignited said the work that the Growth Centre will do together with Austmine should augur well for the METS sector and strengthen the mining ecosystem.

“Our cooperative work will align our organisations towards a shared vision for the sector,” said Ms Lewis-Gray.

“Austmine is a key constituent in the METS sector with whom METS Ignited will continue to work closely and collaborate. One of the key strategies METS Ignited will deliver this year is the industry-driven 10-year Sector Competitiveness Plan for the sector and Austmine’s input into the roadmap for METS will be very important to setting the strategic direction for the sector and to help position Australia as the global hub for mining innovation.”

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, METS Ignited Chair and Alexander Kachellek, Austmine Chair signed the agreement on 28 April 2016 while they were in Adelaide to co-host interactive workshops with more than 30 METS, mining and research organisations as part of the national engagement program to identify gaps and opportunities for the continued success of the Australian METS sector.